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Archives Relocation Programme

The Archives Relocation Programme has announced an agreement to relocate the parliamentary archive collections and some associated services from its current home in the Palace of Westminster to The National Archives in Kew. The agreement was endorsed and supported by the Commissions of both Houses.

The Parliamentary Archives provides an archive and information management service for Parliament. It holds nationally important collections, including 4 million records and all Acts of Parliament since 1497. The Victoria Tower, in which the collections are located, was purpose-built to store parliamentary records. However, it poses issues and risks for the long-term storage and care of the collections, and as the collections have grown over the years, substantial constraints on access to them.

Moving to a facility which fully meets the requirements of a modern archive will ensure the collections are protected and will allow greater access, whilst continuing to provide services to clients. The Parliamentary Archives will benefit significantly from the existing specialist facilities at The National Archives.

The transfer is expected to take place before summer 2025. Further information will be provided as the programme progresses.

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Did you know?

The Parliamentary Archives is the oldest in the world and contains four million records, including all acts of Parliament from 1497 onwards and important historical documents such as the Death Warrant of King Charles I (1648/9), the Bill of Rights (1689), and the Great Reform Act (1832).