The building & its collections

The Palace of Westminster, or the Houses of Parliament as it is also known, has changed dramatically over the course of nearly a thousand years of history. Transformed from royal residence to the home of a modern democracy, the architecture and cultural collections of the Palace and the wider Parliamentary Estate have continually evolved, sometimes by design, sometimes through accident or attack.

The Palace of Westminster

The intriguing and colourful history of the buildings that make up the Houses of Parliament. Spanning 900 years from the times of the Anglo-Saxon kings to the present day

Northern Estate

Increasing demand for space has meant the Parliamentary Estate now extends well beyond the Palace of Westminster. It includes the Norman Shaw buildings that were originally used by Scotland Yard, as well as buildings on Parliament Street.

Cultural collections

Parliament holds a number of important historical collections. Items are collected or commissioned by Parliament because of their relevance to its work and the nation

Restoration and Renewal Programme

Visit our website to learn more about the Programme to refurbish the Palace of Westminster. Find the latest news, videos and reports.

Related Information

Explore the Parliamentary Art Collection that is displayed throughout the buildings of the Parliamentary Estate.

Houses of History

Watch this video to experience one thousand years of history at the Palace of Westminster in just three minutes. You will see the shift in power from the monarch to the people, the emergence of universal suffrage, and the amazing history of the Palace itself.