First reading (Lords)

Formal introduction - no debate on the bill

First reading is the first stage of a bill’s passage through the House of Lords - usually a formality, it takes place without debate.

First reading of a bill can take place at any time in a parliamentary session.

What happens at first reading?

The long title (indicating the content of the bill) is read out by the member of the Lords in charge of the bill.

What happens after first reading?

Once formally introduced, the bill is printed.

The next stage is second reading - the first opportunity for members of the Lords to debate the main principles and purpose of the bill.

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Session: the parliamentary year. A session usually runs for 12 months (most often from November to November) unless there is a general election.

Did you know?

Money Bills raise or spend public money (such as the Finance Bill), and start in the House of Commons.

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