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Petitions against the Able Marine Energy Park Development Consent Order 2014


This page lists petitions which have been deposited against the Able Marine Energy Park Development Consent Order 2014.  

Two petitions were received, both from Associated British Ports. Petition number 1 is a petition of general objection (the petitioner objects to the whole Order) and petition number 2 is a petition for amendment (the petitioner would like to see the Order amended in some way).

Please note the petitioning period has now finished and there will be no further opportunity for anyone to petition against this Order.


The applicant, Able Humber Ports Limited, has objected to the two petitions received from Associated British Ports by depositing memorials against them. There are limited grounds on which the applicant (or the Minister) may object to a petition and a summary of these is known as a memorial.