General Election 2019 timetable

A general election will be held on 12 December 2019. This is timetable of events up to and after the date of the election.

The timetable is subject to change.

Wednesday 6 November - dissolution of Parliament

Dissolution is the official term for the end of a Parliament. It will take place at 00.01am on Wednesday 6 November.

Instructions, known as writs, are issued for elections to take place in the UK's 650 constituencies.

Following dissolution, a date for the return of Parliament will be announced.

Thursday 14 November - deadline for the delivery of nomination papers

Candidates who want to stand as MPs need to hand in nomination papers by 4pm.

Candidates who want to withdraw their nominations must do so by 4pm. 

Tuesday 26 November - voter registration deadline 

To vote in the 2019 General Election you must be registered to vote by midnight on 26 November.

Tuesday 26 November - deadline for postal vote applications

There are many ways to vote. The deadline for a new postal or postal proxy vote and any changes to existing postal votes need to be in by 5pm. 

Wednesday 4 December - deadline for proxy vote applications

Deadline for applying for a new proxy vote (except for emergency proxies) at 5pm.

Thursday 12 December - polling day

Polling booths are open between 7am and 10pm. 

Counting of votes begin when the polls close.

Tuesday 17 December - Parliament is expected to return for the election of the Speaker

Election of the Speaker of the House of Commons. 

The Speaker is elected on the first day that the House meets after the General Election.

MPs and members of the House of Lords swear the oath of allegiance or make an solemn affirmation.

Date to be confirmed - State Opening of Parliament

The State Opening marks the formal start of the parliamentary year. The Queen's Speech sets out the government’s proposed policies and legislation for the coming session.

Image: PA / Lynne Cameron