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Changes to work in the Lords chamber and committee

The first virtual proceedings of the House of Lords took place on 21 April 2020.

From 8 June 2020, the House's work examining legislation and government actions in the House of Lords chamber was carried out through ‘hybrid proceedings', a combination of members taking part in person or online. From 2 September 2020, Grand Committee proceedings also took place in hybrid form.

From 6 September 2021, the majority of members returned to participating in person in the chamber. 

During hybrid proceedings, members speaking online were broadcast on screens in the chamber to enable members participating in person to see those speaking online and they were treated equally whether they attended online or in person.


House of Lords committees began to meet remotely from April 2020. Committees are now able to meet online or in person, and hear from witnesses who are attending either physically or remotely.



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Image: House of Lords / Roger Harris