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Changes to work in the Lords chamber and committee

The House's work examining legislation and government actions in the House of Lords chamber and Grand Committee is now carried out through ‘hybrid proceedings', a combination of members taking part in person or online.

Proceedings are broadcast on screens in the chamber to enable members participating in person to see those speaking online and they are treated equally whether they attend online or in person.

A list of speakers sets out the order in which members will be called to speak on a specific item: members must submit their names in advance to take part. Speakers' lists and timings of when members can submit their names to a list are available on the Government Whips' Office website (external).

Social distancing

Members and staff in the chamber follow social distancing guidelines and the maximum number of members in the chamber has been reduced.


All House of Lords investigative committees now meet online.



Further information

Image: House of Lords / Roger Harris