History of general elections

Explore the history of elections in the UK and read analysis and statistics on election results and voter turnout.

Previous elections

Past UK general elections
Browse some of the commonly asked questions about previous elections, such as 'when was the last general election?' and 'on what dates did previous general elections take place?'. You can also find links to reports on past general election results and to further information pages.

UK election statistics
Find out about UK election results from 1918 to 2017. Read an overview of election votes by party, characteristics of MPs, local elections, and more, during this time. 


The history of Parliamentary franchise
A history of the Parliamentary franchise and the stages which led to universal suffrage across the UK.

General election turnout
Participation in general elections has declined since 2001. What can be done to encourage people today to use their vote? 


Fixed-term Parliaments Act 2011
Find out about the Fixed-term Parliaments Act 2011 which created a five year period between general elections and the circumstances for calling an early election.