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House of Commons recess dates

House of Commons recess dates for the 2023-24 session of Parliament will appear in the table below, once they have been provisionally announced.

Provisional recess dates are put to the House for formal approval, often at a later date.

Confirmed recess dates - those that have already been approved by the House - appear in the table below in bold text.


House rises

House returns

Summer 23 July 2024 TBA  
Whitsun 23 May 2024 3 June 2024  
May Day 2 May 2024 7 May 2024  
Easter 26 March 2024 15 April 2024  
February 8 February 2024 19 February 2024  
Christmas 19 Dec 2023 8 Jan 2024  


The 2023-24 session began with the State Opening on 7 November 2023.

The exact pattern of recesses can change and is normally slightly different for the two Houses.