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St Stephen\'s chapel ruins, after the fire, 1834 View this item in the Collection

This watercolour by G Moore shows the Chapel soon after the fire that destroyed the Palace of Westminster on 16 October 1834. Scattered throughout the Chapel are pieces of masonry from the destroyed House of Commons (formerly St Stephen’s Chapel) above. During the construction of the new Palace of Westminster there was much debate about whether to reinstate the space as a chapel. When compared with E M Barry’s watercolour this drawing highlights the extent to which it was ultimately restored and decorated.

Crypt Chapel of St. Mary Undercroft View this item in the Collection

This oil painting by the contemporary British artist Michael Heseltine was painted in 1997. It is one of a number of works by the artist that depict the Palace of Westminster in the Parliamentary Art Collection. Heseltine’s view of the Chapel looking towards the altar places emphasis on the reredos painted by Clayton & Bell. In contrast to E M Barry’s detailed watercolour Heseltine’s impressionistic style vividly captures the serene atmosphere of the Chapel.