Art in Parliament: Elections and voting

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Discover works in the Parliamentary Art Collection relating to general elections and extending the right to vote

'New Dawn': Celebrating women's suffrage


Find out about Parliament's new work of art celebrating the votes for women movement

Dearsley Window 4, 1897-1997

Discover the influential events which shaped our democracy between 1897 and 1997 by exploring Parliament's 'Dearsley Bequest Window'.

'The Government Stable' 2015 General Election Artwork by Adam Dant


View and explore Adam Dant’s large narrative ink drawing, a visual record of his observations of the 2015 General Election.

Emmeline and Sylvia Pankhurst


Discover works relating to suffragette mother and daughter Emmeline and Sylvia Pankhurst in the Parliamentary Art Collection.

Chartism: 1838-1858

Chartist petition

Learn about the Chartist movement by exploring this engraving produced to commemorate the Chartist presentation of a petition to the House of Commons in 1842.

2017 General Election Artworks by Cornelia Parker


View the collection of artworks made by Cornelia Parker in response to 2017's snap General Election