Conserving Maclise's 'Waterloo' & 'Trafalgar'

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29 July 2019

In July and August 2019 the final phase of conservation of Daniel Maclise’s wall paintings 'Waterloo' & 'Trafalgar’ is underway.

Painted by Daniel Maclise, ‘The Meeting of Wellington and Blücher after the Battle of Waterloo’ (1861) and ‘The Death of Nelson at the Battle of Trafalgar’ (1865) have a long history of restoration, and have remains of unsuitable surface coatings, water staining, paint abrasion and poor quality retouching.

Beginning in 2012, detailed research and testing showed that the presentation of the wall paintings could be significantly improved through a combination of conservation treatment and specialist lighting.

The final phase of conservation will take place in August 2019 and will aim to enhance the colour and legibility of the paintings by removing surface dirt, reducing the existing coatings and replacing previous repairs.

Plans are also being prepared for a new and sensitively designed lighting system that, in combination with the conservation treatment, will greatly enhance the appearance of the paintings.

You can watch films one and two on the project on the Art in Parliament website.

• Watch Conserving Maclise's 'Waterloo' & 'Trafalgar phase 1

• Watch Conserving Maclise's 'Waterloo' & 'Trafalgar phase 2

Image credit: A conservator working on Maclise’s Trafalgar in the Royal Gallery, copyright UK Parliament/Jessica Taylor

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