June Artwork of the Month: 'The Government Stable' by Adam Dant

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01 June 2017

This month's artwork, Adam Dant's 'The Government Stable', was created to record the 2015 General Election.

Commissioned by the Speaker's Advisory Committee on Works Art, Dant travelled the length and breadth of the United Kingdom observing the campaign trail of all the main political parties. He filled over two dozen sketchbooks with 'lightning sketches' and visual notes which were later used to inform his final monumental ink drawing, 'The Government Stable'.

Dant sat in on live televised debates, attended hustings, rallies and manifesto launches and witnessed ballot counts and results. He was also present for the posting of the exit poll at ITV's 'election opinion room' and the subsequent resignation and victory speeches.

Whilst gathering visual material in the 'heat of the action', Dant also strove to depict the public reaction to and engagement with the democratic process. Many of his sketches were shared on social media during the election period.

Dant's commission resulted in a single monumental ink drawing, entitled 'The Government Stable', which he describes as an 'encyclopaedic compendium' of events from the campaign period. The 'stable' in the drawing's title is a fictional space which serves as a 'General Election Campaign Archive'. This imagined repository is created from different architectural locations that Dant encountered on the campaign trail and is filled with objects associated with electioneering.

The 2017 General Election Artist

This year Cornelia Parker was chosen as the 2017 General Election Artist. You can follow her journey on Instagram @electionartist2017

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