Waterloo, Wellington & Westminster exhibition opens

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18 June 2015

18 June - 24 September 2015
Royal Gallery, House of Lords

Our new exhibition marking the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo has now opened.

'Waterloo, Wellington & Westminster' explores the connections between Parliament and this key event in European history, which saw the final defeat of Napoleon Bonaparte by a coalition army led by the Duke of Wellington.

MPs and Peers played crucial roles in the battle and its legacy, from fighting on the battlefield to commissioning one of the most important commemorations of the event in the form of Daniel Maclise’s famous painting 'The Meeting of Wellington and Blücher after the Battle of Waterloo' (above).

Conceived around Maclise’s iconic picture, the exhibition draws on the important historical collections of the Parliamentary Art Collection and Parliamentary Archives, and includes weapons loaned from the Royal Armouries.

Visitors to Parliament on booked tours will be able to view the exhibition in the Royal Gallery of the House of Lords between 18 June and 24 September 2015.

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Image: Daniel Maclise, 'The Meeting of Wellington and Blücher after the Battle of Waterloo' (detail), 1861 (WOA 3246)

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