‘Margot Asquith and the Role of the Political Hostess’

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Margot Asquith by Philip de Laszlo

12 March 2013

Krista Cowman, Professor of History at Lincoln University and leading academic on women’s history, gave the Speaker’s Advisory Committee on Works of Art’s Inaugural International Women’s Day lecture on Wednesday 6 March 2013.

Her subject was ‘Margot Asquith and the Role of the Political Hostess’ [external link to youtube video] The lecture gave a fascinating insight into Margot Asquith’s personal politics and how she negotiated her position in political society both before and after  marriage to politician and future Prime Minister H H Asquith. 

The evening was also an opportunity to view an important portrait of Margot Asquith by Philip de Laszlo, 1910, which has recently entered the Parliamentary Art Collection. 

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