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Speaker Whitley, WoA 3226

The Speaker's Art Fund is a charitable trust. It came into existence in 1929 and became registered as a charitable trust in November 2004.

The Trustees are: The Speaker, the Clerk of the House of Commons and the Managing Director of Finance. The Fund sits alongside the Works of Art Committee and the Heritage and Works of Art Trust as a means by which the House acquires works of art.

The fund began in 1929 following Speaker Whitley’s active role in Parliamentary art in the 1920s, in particular with the St Stephen’s Hall scheme.

Funds are raised from: the sale of Christmas cards and donations from the Parliamentary retail outlet. The object of the fund is;

  • The advancement of the education of the public in its knowledge and understanding of the system of government, and of the constitutional and political history of the united kingdom, with particular reference to the historical and continuing role of parliament, through the collection and displays of works of art and other related activities
  • The advancement of religion in the area surrounding the Palace of Westminster, in particular but not exclusively, by providing for the repair and upkeep of St Margaret’s Church and by providing and maintaining furniture and fittings which contribute to the work and witness of the Church.

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