Jez Dolan, 'Wolfenden' (2016)

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Commissioned as part of 2015: Parliament in the Making, Jez Dolan translated the recommendations of the 1957 Wolfenden Report on homosexual offences into Polari (British gay slang).

Dolan's work was part of a year long celebration marking 750 years of Parliament in the UK and highlighting specific pieces of  significant legislation.

The Wolfenden Report recommended that homosexual behaviour between consenting adults should not be a crime. At the time it was published in the late 1950s, the use of Polari was at its height.

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Image: Detail of 'Wolfenden' by Jez Dolan, screenprinted Zercall paper and Lascaux inks, 2016 © Jez Dolan/Photo Daniel Walmsley

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