First Waves workshops

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Glasgow Womens Library session

Throughout 2018, artist in residence Scarlett Crawford has been delivering workshops in partnership with institutions across the UK.

During these workshops participants are encouraged to explore the impact of the Race Relations Acts, and share their personal experiences of race relations.

Community groups tell their stories through recorded audio interviews, drawing and mark-making, and through participatory photography.

Glasgow Womens Library Workshop photography

Workshop Programme

May 2018

First workshops held in Glasgow, at Glasgow Women’s Library

June 2018

Workshops held in Wales with the Race Council Cymru, in partnership with Swansea Museum and St Fagan’s National Museum of History in Cardiff

August 2018

Workshops to be held in Nottingham 10-11th and 14-15th August at Nottingham Contemporary Art Gallery

In Liverpool, the Bluecoat will be hosting workshops on 20-23rd August

September 2018

The Peabody, Thamesmead will hold a workshop on Saturday 1st September, with further events throughout the month. To get involved contact Lisa Drew at:

October 2018

Workshops will be held at the University of Leeds on 10-13th October. To get involved contact


Artworks created at these workshops will be on display at the partner institutions in Autumn 2018, and in early 2019 they will travel to Parliament to be exhibited in Westminster Hall.

Images: Glasgow Women's Library First Waves workshops, 2018

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