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Heritage Collections Team

The Parliamentary Art Collection for both the House of Commons and the House of Lords is managed by an on-site team of professional staff.

The team has responsibility for all aspects of the Collection's care and management. The Curator’s Office is part of In-House Services in the House of Commons and reports to both the House of Lords Works of Art Panel and the House of Commons Works of Art Committee.

Team members are:

  • Melissa Hamnett, Head of Heritage Collections and Curator of Works of Art
  • Melanie Unwin, Deputy Curator & Head of Interpretation
  • Sileas Wood, Assistant Curator, Research & Interpretation
  • Mary-Jane Tsang, Keeper of Historic Collections
  • Patrick Walsh, Conservation Manager, Historic Collections
  • Caroline Babington, Collections Care Manager, Works of Art
  • Natasha Walsh, Heritage Registrar
  • Michelle Klein, Administrative Assistant



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