Thatcher statue: Finalising and unveiling

A choice from a series of three small preliminary maquettes presented by the sculptor, was made as the 'design option' for the half-size 'working maquette' by the Works of Art Committee in April 2005. This in turn was unanimously approved in early 2006, and work on enlarging to a scale of one and a quarter above life size began in the sculptor's former Baptist Chapel Studio in Gloucestershire in February 2006.

After eight months of continuous work, enlarging and then refining the detail and surface of the 7ft ft 4" clay model, moulds were made and taken to Bronze Age Foundry in London. Over the next three and a half months, under the sculptor's constant supervision, the sculpture was cast, welded, fettled and patinated. After completion on the 9th February 2007, it was transported to the House of Commons and erected on the vacant stone plinth in Members' Lobby, in readiness for the unveiling ceremony on the 21st February 2007.