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27.01.2014Immigration Bill: Committee Stage Report
The Immigration Bill was introduced in the House of Commons on 10 October 2013 and had its Second Reading on 22 October. It is due to have Report stage and Third Reading on 30 January 2014. This Note discusses the main issues debated in Public Bill Committee.
17.09.2013Forced marriage
Following consultation, the Government has introduced clauses in the Anti-social Behaviour Crime and Policing Bill which will criminalise both forced marriage and breach of a Forced Marriage Protection Order. This note gives background.
16.07.2013Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill: Lords amendments
The purpose of this note is to draw attention to the principal amendments that were made in the Lords. It does not cover all minor or technical amendments. All the agreed amendments were Government amendments, many of which were moved in response to amendments proposed but not agreed at earlier stages, and commitments made by the Government to consider matters further. Peers debated many other amendments, on some of which they voted, but this note does not cover amendments that were not agreed.
14.05.2013Humanist marriage ceremonies
At present, humanist weddings do not have legal force and the parties must have an additional ceremony (for example, at a register office) for the marriage to be legally valid. The British Humanist Association is campaigning for the law to be changed to allow humanist celebrants to conduct legal marriages.
14.05.2013Marriage venues
At present, marriages must normally take place in a Register Office; a building that has been approved for the purposes of civil marriage by the local authority of the area in which the building is situated; a building of the Church of England or the Church in Wales; a building that has been registered for the purposes of religious marriage other than in the Church of England or Church in Wales; or a naval, military or air force chapel. There are various conditions surrounding the couple's choice of venue.
19.12.2012Civil partnerships on religious premises
The Civil Partnership Act 2004 created a legal union which is very similar, but not fully identical, to marriage. Civil partners have the same rights and responsibilities as married couples in many areas. A legally valid marriage can currently be entered into only by a male and a female, whereas a civil partnership is available only to same-sex couples.
12.09.2012Financial provision orders on the breakdown of a relationship
During or after a divorce, annulment of a marriage or civil partnership, judicial separation, or dissolution of a civil partnership, the court can make an order for financial provision. In September 2012, the Government published draft legislation for pre-legislative scrutiny, which could require divorcing couples in dispute about money or property to be assessed for mediation. The Law Commission is conducting a project examining various aspects of the law relating to the financial consequences of divorce and dissolution of civil partnership.
This note deals with the recognition of polygamous marriages; immigration issues; social security benefits and pension entitlement.
17.11.2011Immigration: The minimum age for marriage visas
On 28 November 2011, the minimum age requirement for applicants and sponsors of spouse/partner visas will revert to 18. This change to the Immigration Rules is being made in order to comply with a recent Supreme Court determination that the previous age requirement (21 years) was a disproportionate interference with 'genuine' couples' right to family life, as provided for by Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR).
13.04.2011Immigration: Abolition of the certificate of approval to marry requirement
The certificate of approval to marry requirement was introduced in February 2005 as part of a package of measures designed to deter persons from entering into marriages of convenience ('sham marriages') for immigration purposes. It is due to be abolished on 9 May 2011.
15.03.2011Pre-nuptial agreements: recent developments
21.04.2010Weddings: Residence Requirements
Weddings: Residence Requirements. By Edward Wood. SN/HA/644.
03.03.2010Marriage (Wales) Bill [HL]
19.10.2009Married couple's allowance
Some elderly married couples and civil partners are entitled to the married couple's allowance (MCA). In April 2000 the MCA was withdrawn from all couples, except those who were already 65 or over. This note provides a short explanation of the allowance, and the reasons behind the Government's decision to withdraw it in this way.
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17.10.2013Immigration Bill
The Immigration Bill would significantly reduce migrants' rights of appeal; restrict access to services including private rented accommodation, bank accounts and NHS services by reference to immigration status; establish new arrangements for investigating sham marriages and examining persons departing the UK; and make various other changes related to immigration controls.
19.03.2013Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill Committee Stage Report
This is a report on the House of Commons Committee Stage of the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill. It complements Research Paper 13/08 prepared for the Commons Second Reading.
01.02.2013Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill
The Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill was introduced into the House of Commons on 24 January 2013 and is due to have its second reading debate on 5 February 2013. It would introduce civil marriage for same sex couples, and enable religious organisations to opt in to conduct same sex marriages if they wish to do so. The Bill includes provisions intended to protect religious organisations and individuals from being forced to conduct same sex marriages. The proposals have proved highly controversial with interested parties expressing strong opinions both for and against same sex marriage. The Bill would also enable civil partners to convert their partnership to a marriage and would enable married transsexual people to gain legal recognition in their acquired gender without having to end their marriage.
20.07.2007Forced Marriage (Civil Protection) Bill [HL] Committee Stage Report
28.06.2007The Forced Marriage (Civil Protection) Bill [HL] Bill 129 of 2006-07