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27.02.2015Home education
This note provides an outline of the current position relating to home education. It covers England only.
19.01.2015Constituency casework: schools
An introduction and reference guide to the key schools-related topics often raised with Members by constituents
16.01.2015School meals and nutritional standards
The main recent policy developments regarding school meals, including the revised school food standards and plans to expand provision of free school meals.
27.11.2014The reformed system for children and young people with Special Educational Needs in England
An introduction to the reformed system for children and young people with Special Educational Needs (SEN), being introduced from September 2014
30.12.2013School funding: Pupil Premium
This Note details the Pupil Premium policy that was introduced in 2011-12, and sets out the policy has evolved year-by-year.
19.07.2012The green paper on special educational needs and disability
This Standard Note briefly outlines of the current special educational needs (SEN) system in England, highlights the main proposals in the Government's green paper on special educational needs and disability, and notes the Government's plans to implement the changes..
26.01.2010Variations in GCSE performance 2008/09
A summary of data on how GCSE performance varied by pupil characteristics, school types and geography in 2008/09
06.06.2008Education and Skills Bill, Session 2007-08: Report and Third Reading in the Commons
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14.07.2010Academies Bill [HL] Bill 57 of 2010-11
The Bill allows the governing body of each maintained school in England to apply to the Secretary of State to convert the school to an academy. The Secretary of State will also be empowered to convert schools that are 'eligible for intervention'. The Bill also makes provision for 'free schools' - new schools set up by parents, teachers, charities, universities, business or community or faith groups where there is parental demand. Free schools will have the same legal requirements as academies. During the Bill's passage through the House of Lords, a number of Government amendments were made, including those on special educational needs provision in academies, consultation during the conversion process and applying Freedom of Information legislation to academies. Many non-Government amendments were proposed, of which two were successful. One of these required the Secretary of State to publish an annual report on academies, which the Government welcomed; the other related to services for children with low incidence special educational needs, which the Government opposed.
15.02.2010Children, Schools and Families Bill: Committee Stage Report Bill No 8 of 2009-10
This is an account of the House of Commons Committee Stage of the Children, Schools and Families Bill. The Bill contained a clause on the charitable status of academies, but the Government decided it could achieve its objectives by non-legislative means, and at the end of the Committee Stage the clause was removed. No other changes were made to the Bill in Committee. There were many amendments proposed by the opposition parties but none was successful.
16.12.2009Children, Schools and Families Bill. Bill 8 2009-10.
This Bill provides 'guarantees' for pupils and parents in the school system, underpinned by new Home School Agreements, and makes provision for parental satisfaction surveys. It also makes changes to the powers of governing bodies of maintained schools; extends the remit of School Improvement Partners; provides greater powers for local authorities and the Secretary of State in relation to failing schools; paves the way for the introduction of School Report Cards; and makes provision to introduce a licence to practise for teachers. The Bill also seeks to implement the recommendations of several major reports. These changes affect the school curriculum; provide a registration system for home educators; and provide an additional right of appeal for parents of children with special educational needs. The Bill would also make changes to the reporting of information relating to family proceedings. Other provisions relate to Local Safeguarding Children Boards, Youth Offending Teams, the charitable status of academies, and the fees system for the inspection of independent schools.
10.12.2007Education and Skills Bill, Bill 12 of 2007-08
Education and Skills Bill. (Bill 12 of 2007/08). House of Commons Library Research Paper 07/87.
10.03.2006Education and Inspections Bill (Bill 134 of 2005-06)
The Education and Inspections Bill (Bill 134 of 2005-06). House of Commons Library Research Paper 06/15
09.03.2005Education Bill (HL) (Bill 77 of 2004/05)
The Education Bill (HL). (Bill 77 of 2004/05). House of Commons Library Research Paper 05/20.
25.10.2004School Transport Bill (Bill 162 of 2003/04)
School Transport Bill. (Bill 162 of 2003/04). House of Commons Library Research Paper 04/78.