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19.12.2014Mobile Coverage in the UK: Government plans to tackle 'mobile not-spots' 2014
This Library Standard Note summarises developments in Government polciy to extend mobile covergae across the UK, tackling mobile not-spots and partial not-spots
21.11.2014Online safety: Content filtering by UK Internet Service Providers (ISPs)
This a research paper summarising government policy on the introduction of internet filters iby UK Internet Service Providers
05.10.2011Home Computer Schemes
This note updates Government schemes for funding computers in the home, and to increase internet access.
31.03.2010Internet access
Internet access: By Rachael Harker. SN/SG/2663. This Note provides a summary of information about households with home access to the Internet and individuals' use of the Internet.
27.05.2009Electronic Government
This Standard Note describes e-Government, outlines Government efforts in this field, and related issues.
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15.12.2006Statistics and Registration Service Bill (Bill 8 2006-07)
The Statistics and Registration Service Bill (Bill 8 2006-07). House of Commons Library Research Paper 06/66.
27.07.2000Regional competitiveness and the role of the knowledge economy
Regional competitiveness and the role of the knowledge economy. House of Commons Research Paper 00/73.
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15.09.2011Unauthorised tapping into or hacking of mobile communications.
Government response. Home Office report [Commons]
18.07.2011The national programme for NHS IT.
Public Accounts Committee report [Commons]
22.06.2011Cross-government: Information and Communications Technology in government: Landscape review.
Public Accounts Committee report [Commons]
28.04.2011Video games industry in Scotland.
Government response. Scotland Office report [Commons]
09.02.2010Broadband speed.
Business, Innovation and Skills Select Committee report [Commons]
20.10.2009Digital inclusion in Wales.
Government response. Office of the Secretary of State for Wales; Welsh Affairs Select Committee report [Commons]
21.07.2009Digital inclusion in Wales.
Welsh Affairs Select Committee report [Commons]
14.01.2009The national programme for IT in the NHS: progress since 2006.
Public Accounts Committee report [Commons]
15.12.2008Defence Information Infrastructure.
Public Accounts Committee report [Commons]