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25.04.2016'Purdah' before elections and referendums
Specific restrictions on the use of public resources are in place during the 'purdah' period before elections and referendums. The Cabinet Office issues guidance for civil servants on their conduct during this period.
16.03.2016Civil Service Recruitment: Heads of Departments and Extended Ministerial Offices
This Note sets out the current rules for recruitment to the heads of department roles in the Civil Service and the rules on established Extended Ministerial Offices.
28.01.2016Special Advisers
This House of Commons Briefing Paper sets out details of roles and responsibilities of special advisers and information about the number of special advisers. It also explains how the role has developed and includes details of some recent incidents involving special advisers.
09.11.2015Civil Service statistics
This note sets out statistics on Civil Service employment.
25.09.2015The Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse and background
This briefing concerns the establishment of the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse, a statutory Inquiry chaired by Justice Lowell Goddard, which formally opened in July 2015. The Chair has stated she hopes to conclude the Inquiry's work before end-2020. This Inquiry replaced the previous, non-statutory, Inquiry set up in July 2014 which saw both of its Chairs resign.
24.03.2015The Osmotherly Rules
The Osmotherly Rules (the Rules) give guidance on the role of civil servants and other Government officials appearing before select committees. The purpose of the Rules is to assist staff in Government departments dealing with requests for information from select committees, including: the provision of evidence, handling select committee reports and drafting responses to such reports.
18.03.2015The Civil Service Code
The Constitutional Reform and Governance Act 2010 sets out a requirement that there should be a Civil Service Code. The Code must provide that civil servants carry out their duties for the assistance of the administration of the day. These duties must be carried out with 'integrity and honesty' and 'objectivity and impartiality'.
10.03.2015Sources of Statistics
This briefing paper brings together sources of statistics on 27 subject areas covered by the Economic Policy & Statistics and Social & General Statistics sections of the House of Commons Library. In doing so it draws upon the knowledge of Library specialists, aiming to provide comprehensive topic-by-topic guides for use by anyone interested in the statistical series that underpin the United Kingdom.
22.05.2014Pre-election contacts between civil servants and opposition parties
By convention, opposition parties are entitled to enter into confidential discussions with senior civil servants in the run-up to a general election. This note outlines the current arrangements and also provides a brief history of the convention.
25.10.2013Civil service pensions - reforms to 2010
Provides an overview of the development of the Principal Civil Service Pension Scheme to 2010
16.07.2013Civil servants' and MPs' salaries
Historically MPs' pay was linked to the salary scales of certain civil service grades. Although this is no longer the case, there is a continued interest in how these rates of pay have moved relative to each other.
26.07.2012Business Appointment Rules
This note explains how the rules operate which regulate the appointment of former Permanent Secretaries (and deputy secretaries) and former Ministers to posts in the private sector.
10.05.2012How the UK Government deals with EU Business
This Note looks at UK Government and Civil Service structures and culture; what happens at the UK-EU interface, and methods for transposing EU law into UK law.
23.11.2010Civil Service reform
This note outlines the Coalition Government's plans for the civil service. It also provides a very brief overview of civil service reform since 1979.
14.04.2010Remaining stages of the Constitutional Reform and Governance Bill 2009-10
This Note outlines the changes made to the Bill during report stage and third reading in the House of Commons, seconf reading in the Lords and during wash up.
25.02.2010Constitutional Reform and Governance Bill: Committee stage report
There were some significant amendments during the Committee Stage of this Bill. The Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority was given control over setting Members' pay and pensions by amendments to the Parliamentary Standard Act 2009. There is to be a new Compliance Officer to investigate alleged misuse of Members' allowances; amendments would ensure that all MPs and peers would be liable to UK taxes; there would be a referendum on whether to adopt the Alternative Vote by 31 October 2011; and a new requirement on Returning Officers to begin election counts four hours after a general election poll closes.
03.06.2009Crown Employment (Nationality) Bill 2006-07
This Private Member's Bill is due for a second reading on Friday 12 June 2009. This Note gives background to its provisions which are designed to liberalise the nationality requirements for civil servants.
26.01.2006The Lyons and Gershon Reviews and variations in Civil Service conditions
Organisational changes to the Civil Service over the past thirty years have meant that the majority of civil servants now work in Departments and Executive Agencies in which the responsibility for pay and conditions are decided locally. Uniform pay structures and conditions of service have been significantly eroded. The Government have launched major reviews into the operation of the civil service and these include the Lyons and Gershon Reviews.
30.06.2005Civil Servants: Employment Rights
20.05.2003Whither the civil service?
Whither the civil service? . House of Commons Library Research Paper 03/49.
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06.07.2011Pre-appointment hearing for the post of Parliamentary and Health Services Ombudsman.
Public Administration Select Committee report [Commons]
06.07.2011Remuneration of the Parliamentary and Health Services Ombudsman.
Public Administration Select Committee report [Commons]
16.11.2010Pre-appointment hearing for the dual post of First Civil Service Commissioner and Commissioner for Public...
Public Administration Select Committee report [Commons]
26.07.2010Administration and expenditure of the Chancellor's departments 2008-09.
Government response. Treasury report [Commons]
31.03.2010Leaks and Whistleblowing in Whitehall.
Government response. Cabinet Office; Public Administration Select Committee report [Commons]
18.03.2010Top Pay in the Public Sector: Further Report: incorporating the Government Response to the Committee's...
Government response. Public Administration Select Committee; Cabinet Office report [Commons]
18.03.2010Outsiders and Insiders:
Government response. Public Administration Select Committee; Cabinet Office report [Commons]
24.02.2010Administration and expenditure of the Chancellor's departments 2008-09.
Treasury Select Committee report [Commons]
21.01.2010Outsiders and insiders: external appointments to the senior civil service.
Public Administration Select Committee report [Commons]
10.12.2009Selection of a new chair of the Advisory Committee on Business Appointments.
Government response. Cabinet Office; Public Administration Select Committee report [Commons]
26.11.2009Selection of a new chair of the Advisory Committee on Business Appointments.
Public Administration Select Committee report [Commons]
16.07.2009Leaks and whistleblowing in Whitehall.
Public Administration Select Committee report [Commons]
08.07.2009Assessment of the Capability Review programme.
Public Accounts Committee report [Commons]
10.02.2009Communities and Local Government's departmental annual report 2008.
Communities and Local Government Select Committee report [Commons]