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15.10.2014Number of by-elections since 1945
By-elections by session and by Parliament since 1945
10.10.2014By-elections since 2010 General Election
By-elections in Clacton and in Heywood and Middleton on 9 October 2014 were the 19th and 20th since the 2010 General Election. UKIP took Clacton from the Conservatives with a majority of 12,404, pushing the Conservatives into second place. Labour held Heywood and Middleton with a reduced majority of 617.
10.09.2014By-election timetables
Under the provisions of the Electoral Registration and Administration Act 2013 the Parliamentary by-election timetable is now between 21 and 27 working days from the issuing of the writ (it had previously been between 13 and 19 days). The Note gives background to the change in length of the timetable and details of the new model timetable.
29.02.2012Recess Elections Act 1975
The Note explains the provisions of the Recess Elections Act 1975 which allows a writ for a by-election to be moved during a prorogation of Parliament or adjournment of the House.
17.11.2009By elections since 2005
This note sets out results of by elections since the 2005 General Election.
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07.08.2012UK Election Statistics: 1918-2012
This paper presents an overview of results from UK elections since 1918, including elections to the House of Commons, the European Parliament, devolved bodies and local government.
04.08.2010By-elections 2005 - 2010
This research paper provides the results of the 14 by-elections held during the 2005-10 Parliament.
13.05.2009Election timetables
01.02.2008Election Statistics: UK 1918-2007
This paper has been superseded by Research Paper 12/43, UK Election Statistics: 1918-2012.
22.03.2007Election timetables
Election timetables. House of Commons Library Research Paper 07/31.
11.05.2005By-election results 2001-05
By-election results 2001-05. House of Commons Library Research Paper 05/34
28.07.2004UK election statistics 1918-2004
This paper has been superseded by Research Paper 12/43, UK Election Statistics: 1918-2012.
04.05.2004Election Timetables
This Research Paper sets out the model timetables for Parliamentary general elections and by-elections, together with some illustrative timetables for some possible general election dates. Model local election timetables are also included, together with the timetable for 10 June 2004.
01.07.2003UK election statistics 1945-2003
This paper has been superseded by Research Paper 12/43, UK Election Statistics: 1918-2012.
29.03.2001By-elections results 1997-2000
By-election results 1997-2000. House of Commons Research Paper 01/36. (Updates and replaces Research Paper 99/95).