Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant


  • Will any part of the House of Commons and or the Commons estate  be open on the occasion of the Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant which is taking place on Sunday 3 June 2012?
  • Which parts of the Commons and or  the Commons estate will be  open?   Can you please state for what purpose they will be opened?  
  • Has any Member or outside organisation and or individual booked part of the House of Commons and  or the Commons estate  for the occasion of  Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant?


The House of Commons is planning an event to take place on the Terrace on the occasion of the Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant on Sunday 3 June 2012.

Details for the event on the Terrace have yet to be finalised, but current plans are that the event will use catering areas on the river frontage of the Palace of Westminster, including the Terrace Pavilion, the Terrace Cafeteria and Strangers’ Bar.  The Terrace Dining Rooms and the Churchill Room may also be used, either for guest seating in the case of inclement weather or for use by the catering team. A simple ‘line of route’ will be open, including both Chambers, but closed during the procession of the Jubilee Pageant. Pass holders  may escort their guests on the visitor route.  The Estate will not be open to the public.

The banqueting and event service in the House of Commons is provided exclusively for events sponsored by MPs, Peers who were former MPs or, in certain circumstances, staff of the House.  It does not advertise any of its facilities or premises for hire by external organisations, although the House of Commons is currently exploring the potential for developing a new income stream from such commercial activity.
No outside organisation or individual has booked any part of the House of Commons or the Commons estate on that day.