Register of Interests of Lords Members' Staff – by staff name

Surname Forename Title Peer (i.e. Sponsor) Other relevant gainful occupation or benefit
Acar Gulsum Mrs Baroness Warsi Director, Hartington Heath (online retail)
Ackerman Reuben Mr Baroness Berridge Parliamentary Officer, Commonwealth Initiative for Freedom of Religion and Belief
Adam Dawood Mr Lord Hameed None
Adams Christopher Mr Baroness Brinton Presidential Aide and Governance Officer, Liberal Democrats
Adams Irene Dr Lord Smith of Kelvin Special Adviser, UK Green Investment Bank, IMI plc and Alliance Trust
Adilypour Danial Mr Baroness Kennedy of Cradley Political Adviser, Labour Party; Elected Councillor, London Borough of Lambeth
Ahmed Naajia Miss Baroness Uddin None
Albrow Bradley Mr Lord Gadhia None
Alhadeff Giovanni Mr Baroness Royall of Blaisdon Director, E4U Partners Ltd (management consultancy)
Ali Vinous Miss Lord Newby None
Allison Rachel Ms Lord Griffiths of Burry Port JPIT/House of Lords Intern, Methodist Church (Joint Public Issues Team is a venture of the Baptist Union of Great Britain, the Methodist Church, the United Reformed Church and the Church of Scotland working together on issues of justice and inequality)
Allmark Liam Mr Lord Touhig Public Affairs and Policy Manager, Catholic Bishops' Conference of England and Wales
Alvarez Juan Mr Lord Allen of Kensington Self-employed chauffeur (also working for Studio Indigo Ltd and Grandmet Management Ltd)
Anderson (Daniel) Irving Mr Lord Norton of Louth Customer Service Adviser, Lloyds Banking Group (interest ceased 22 May 2017); Trade Analyst, Lloyds Banking Group
Andrews William Mr Lord Addington Marketing Officer, The Atlas Foundation (charity)
Angaelos Anba Baroness Cox Bishop, Coptic Orthodox Church
Angus Martin Mr Lord Kennedy of Southwark Political Adviser, Local Government Association
Appleby Felicity Mrs Baroness Chakrabarti Head of Political Planning, Labour Party
Appleton Jade Miss Baroness Eaton Political Adviser to the Conservative Group, London Councils
Ascough Richard Mr Lord Whitty None
Ashby Robin Arthur John Mr Lord Moonie Director and Secretary General, Eurodefense UK Ltd (a company limited by guarantee); Director and Director-General, UK Defence Forum Ltd (a company limited by guarantee); Director and Chairman, Great North Properties Ltd; Chairman and Director, Bergmans Research Ltd (also shareholder); Director, Armstrong Whitworth Ltd (dormant at present; also shareholder); Director, Eldon Square Company Limited (unremunerated nominee on behalf of Newcastle City Council); Member of advisory committee, Perseus Global Ltd (unpaid at present); UK Defence Forum (am technically an employee of this organisation); elected Councillor, Newcastle City Council (May 2014); from time to time I receive hospitality from All Party Parliamentary Group for the Armed Forces which over the course of a calendar year exceeds the registration threshold; from time to time I receive hospitality from All Party Parliamentary Group on Defence and Security Issues which over the course of a calendar year exceeds the registration threshold
Ashley Laura-Jane Ms Lord Roberts of Llandudno None
Athanasiadi Eleni Miss Lord Stone of Blackheath Clinical Trial Coordinator, Royal Marsden Hospital
Austin Christopher Mr Lord Faulkner of Worcester None
Austin Richard Mr Lord Addington Director, Oakwood Insurances Ltd (registered insurance broker)
Bailey Henrietta Miss Lord Steel of Aikwood Policy and Research Coordinator, Royal African Society (charity promoting Africa)
Baker Caroline Ms Lord Lester of Herne Hill None
Baker Charlotte Ms Baroness Sheehan None
Balcon Leigh Mrs Lord De Mauley Also provides occasional secretarial assistance for Robert Courts MP
Balermpa Maria Miss Baroness Bonham-Carter of Yarnbury Freelance Policy Adviser; Operations and Public Affairs Manager, Specialist Engineering Contractors' Group
Balestrieri Nicholas Mr Baroness Berridge None
Banks Robert Mr Baroness Janke Political Adviser, Local Government Association
Baric Ana Ms Lord Watson of Invergowrie None
Barkan Luisa Mrs Lord Leitch None
Barnes Hannah Miss Lord Hunt of Kings Heath None
Barnett Peter Mr Baroness Greengross Health and Welfare Consultancy, International Longevity Centre (think tank) (interest ceased 31 December 2014); Health and Welfare Consultant
Barrington James Mr Baroness Golding Wildlife/Animal Welfare Consultant, Countryside Alliance (Wildlife campaigning organisation)
Bashford Jonathan Mr Lord Patel of Bradford Senior Partner, Community Innovations Enterprise (research and consultancy)
Bashir-Hanid Mumtaz Mrs Baroness Uddin None
Bass Polly Miss Lord Best Part-time Events Coordinator, New London Architecture
Batchelor Anne Mrs Lord Anderson of Swansea Parliamentary Tour Guide
Battersby John Mr Lord Hain Self employed Communications Strategy Consultant; clients are Khulisa UK and Khulisa Social Solutions, South Africa
Baxter Suzanne Mrs Baroness McGregor-Smith Group Finance Director, Mitie Group plc; Non-executive Director, W H Smith plc
Beadle Lauren Ms Lord Chadlington None
Beazley Adam Mr Lord Hodgson of Astley Abbotts None
Bellino Rosa Ms The Duke of Montrose Self employed
Ben-David Yaelle Ms Lord Stone of Blackheath None
Bennett Charles Mr Lord Hamilton of Epsom Director, European Atlantic Group (international relations) (charitable status organisation); part-time work for Parkers European Ltd (cars)
Bhabha Hayyan Mr Baroness Warsi Self-employed Consultant Paralegal, JBR Morgan Solicitors, London; Self-employed Strengthening Faith Institutions Consultant, Fayre Share Foundation, London; Executive Director, Muslims in WW1 - Forgotten Heroes 14-19 Foundation, London; Secretary, APPG on Islamophobia (unremunerated)
Birch Gregg Mr Baroness Young of Hornsey Promotion of events and website maintenance, MAP Studio Cafe
Bird Kirsten Ms Lord Leigh of Hurley Personal Assistant to Lord Leigh, Cavendish Corporate Finance LLP; Secretary, Sell-Side M&A Adviser, Cavendish Corporate Finance LLP
Bishop Andrew Mr Lord Bamford None
Blake Laura Miss Lord Borwick None
Blick Andrew Dr Lord Radice Lecturer, King's College, London; Adviser, The Constitution Society
Blott Emily Miss Lord Chadlington Senior Adviser, The Chadlington Consultancy
Bochum Penny Mrs Lord Radice Teacher, Senatsverwaltung für Bildung, Jugend und Wissenschaft, Berlin/Senate Department for Education, Youth and Science (public sector education)
Bogue Oliver Mr Baroness Henig Investment Director (formerly Assistant Company Secretary), B. P. Marsh and Partners plc (specialist private equity investor in early stage financial services business)
Bolt John Mr Lord Watson of Invergowrie None
Boswell Nerys Miss Baroness Henig Director of Operations (formerly Head of Administration and Protocol), International Centre for Sport Security Enterprise CIC (safeguarding sport); Director of Operations and Company Secretary, Armed Corp (security consultancy)
Boucher Daniel Dr The Lord Bishop of Chester Director of Parliamentary Affairs, Christian Action Research and Education
Boulter Matilda Mrs Lord Clement-Jones Publisher and Director, Think Publishing Ltd
Bourne Richard Mr Lord Beecham Management Consultant to various NHS organisations and Trade Unions
Bowring Lyndon Revd Lord Anderson of Swansea Executive Chairman, Christian Action Research and Education (Care)
Boyd Samuel Mr Lord Glasman Researcher, The Common Good Foundation (charity)
Bragg Marie-Elsa Revd Lord Bragg None
Bright Martin Mr Lord Knight of Weymouth Chief Executive, The Creative Society (youth employment charity); Media advice to David Lammy MP
Brind Donald Mr Lord Rea None
Brittan Stephanie Miss Baroness Pitkeathley Executive Assistant to John David Emerson, Association of Charitable Foundations
Brittenden Miriam Miss The Lord Bishop of Durham Community Organiser, Centre for Theology and Community (charity)
Broadrick Alexandra Mrs Lord Feldman of Elstree Senior Adviser, Andrew Feldman Associates Limited
Broten Noble Julianne Ms Baroness Berridge None
Brough Peta Mrs Lord Cormack Director (unpaid) (formerly Part-time Administrator - interest ceased 30 April 2017), Jewellery Outlook Ltd (on-line jewellery magazine)
Brown Gillian Ms Baroness Whitaker None
Bruce Lee Mr Baroness Eaton Head of Public Affairs and Stakeholder Engagement, Local Government Association
Buchanan Heather Mrs Lord Cromwell Director of Policy, APPG Secretariat (FBB Foundation); employed by George Kerevan MP
Buckerfield De La Roche Alixe Ms Lord Richards of Herstmonceux Member, Ethics Advisory Board, Predict-TB International Consortium Project IMI (innovative medicines initiative)
Buckle Linda-Jane Ms Lord Rennard None
Buckley Patricia Ms Baroness Worthington Data Analyst/Assistant, Sandbag Climate Campaign CIC (not-for-profit community interest company)
Bullen Anne Miss Lord Green of Hurstpierpoint None
Bungay Nicholas Mr Baroness Thomas of Winchester Director of Campaigns, Care and Information, Muscular Dystrophy Campaign
Burke Gerald Mr Lord Jones None
Burke Samuel Mr Lord Alton of Liverpool None
Burn Grenville Mr Lord Foster of Bishop Auckland None
Butcher Lee Mr Baroness Farrington of Ribbleton PHD Researcher, King's College, London
Butler Susan Miss Baroness Hooper None
Buttenshaw Christopher Mr Lord Morrow Public Affairs Officer, CARE (social policy charity)
Butterworth Doris Lady Lord Maginnis of Drumglass None
Byrne Helen Miss Lord Roberts of Llandudno JPIT/House of Lords One Intern (Joint Public Issues Team is a venture of the Baptist Union of Great Britain, the Methodist Church, the United Reformed Church and the Church of Scotland working together on issues of justice and inequality)
Cahill Kevin Mr Lord Maginnis of Drumglass Bureau Chief, Global & Western News Bureau Limited
Callan Samantha Dr Lord Farmer Research and Policy Consultant, Care for the Family; Trustee, Care for the Family; Visit to Doha, Qatar, 28 November - 1 December 2017, to attend Expert Group meeting on Family Policy; travel and accommodation costs paid by Doha International Family Institute
Calvert Simon Mr Lord Dear Deputy Director (Public Affairs), The Christian Institute (charity for promotion of Christian faith)
Campbell Alexandra Ms Lord Astor of Hever None
Carr George Mr Baroness Thornton None
Carraro Marco Mr Lord Rana None
Carson Mary Miss Lord Flight None
Carter Emily Ms Lord O'Neill of Clackmannan Unpaid Company Secretary for Piper Books, Oxford, OX4 1NX
Carter Teresa Lady Lord Faulkner of Worcester None
Caton Lesley Miss Lord Bragg None
Cayton William Mr Baroness Pitkeathley Chief Executive Officer, Professional Standards Authority
Chan Natalia Ms The Earl of Sandwich Senior Advocacy and Policy Officer, Christian Aid (charity)
Chantler Cyril Sir Baroness Cumberlege Honorary Fellow and Foundation Chairman, UCL Partners Academic Health Science Partnership; Adviser, Associate Parliamentary Health Group; Chairman, Complex Primary Care Practice Programme Board, BHR Clinical Commissioning Groups; Non-executive Director, Private Healthcare Information Network; Vice Chairman NHS England Maternity Review 2015-; Member, Council of Southwark Cathedral
Chapman Richard Mr The Lord Archbishop of Canterbury Head of Parliamentary Affairs, Church of England Archbishops' Council
Charity Jennifer Mrs Lord Marlesford Personal Assistant to Chairman, John Swire & Sons Ltd, 59 Buckingham Gate, SW1E 6AJ
Cheeseman Gillian Miss Lord Purvis of Tweed None
Chidgey Caitlin Miss Lord Chidgey Managing Director, The London Collective (event design and management)
Chinn Trevor Sir Lord Glasman Senior Adviser, CVC Capital Partners; Chairman, Who Can Fix My Car
Christiansen Karin Ms Baroness Thornton Research for Progress for Change; Consultancy work for Open Data Institute; Work also carried out for Luke Pollard MP (interest ceased 12 August 2017)
Churchill Paola Mrs Baroness Neuberger Employed by West London Synagogue
Clark Courtney Miss Baroness Campbell of Surbiton Carer
Clarke Ishika Ms Baroness Prosser Director, Involvement and Participation Association (charity promoting employee engagement)
Clarke Theodora Miss Baroness Sugg Director, Conservative Friends of International Development
Clarke Vanessa Ms The Earl of Sandwich None
Cochrane Amy Ms Lord Holmes of Richmond None
Cocks Valerie Lady Lord Clarke of Hampstead None
Coffman Adam Mr Lord Berkeley None
Cole Robert Mr Baroness Nicholson of Winterbourne Head of Communications, Iraq Britain Business Council (interest ceased 31 January 2017); Global Head of Communications, AMAR International Charitable Foundation (a charity)
Colling Jacqueline Mrs Lord Borwick Director, Love Lane Investments Ltd (property management)
Collingbine Emma Ms Lord Pendry None
Collins Barrie Mr Lord Carter of Coles None
Collins Joanne Miss Baroness Ludford Intern
Collyer Sally Mrs Lord Lester of Herne Hill Personal Assistant to a number of barristers at Brick Court Chambers, London WC2R 3LD
Constable John Dr Viscount Ridley Director, TAXA Publishing (publishing and consultancy)
Constable Philip Mr Baroness Finlay of Llandaff None
Coulton Melanie Mrs Baroness Hollins Part-time work as training administrator for Books Beyond Words – Community Interest Company (currently based at St George’s, University of London; publishes picture books for people with learning disabilities or communication difficulties)
Craig Nan Ms Lord Skidelsky Assistant, Skidelsky Consultancy Ltd
Crawshay-Williams Melissa Mrs Lord Astor of Hever Policy Adviser, UK Trade & Investment
Crawshay-Williams Melissa Mrs Baroness Chalker of Wallasey Policy Adviser, Spending Controls, Cabinet Office
Crook Frances Ms Baroness Corston Chief Executive, Howard League for Penal Reform (charity)
Crosbie Virginia Mrs Baroness Jenkin of Kennington None
Crow Richard Mr Baroness Nicholson of Winterbourne Chief Executive, AMAR International Charitable Foundation
Cullen Christopher Mr Baroness Healy of Primrose Hill Mindfulness Teacher and Trainer, Oxford University Mindfulness Centre
Cundle Nell Miss Baroness McDonagh None
Curtin Jean Mrs Lord Thomas of Cwmgiedd None
Czerwinska Marta Miss Baroness Campbell of Surbiton Carer; Receptionist, Greenbrook Health Centre (interest ceased 22 March 2017); Medical Receptionist, Sunny Meed Surgery
Dalley Liane Miss Lord Puttnam None
Daniels Christopher Mr Lord Kalms Driver
Darby Stephanie Miss Lord Cotter None
Davies Alexander Mr Lord Tyler Director, Winning Campaigns Ltd (own company; personal clients include Lord Tyler and other members of the Liberal Democrats in the House of Lords; Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust Ltd)
Davis Sophie Miss Lord Falconer of Thoroton None
Dawson Sally Ms Lord Cormack Commissioning Editor, Dod's and The House magazine
De Pulford Luke Mr Lord Alton of Liverpool Director of the Arise Foundation (supports grass-roots initiatives to counter human trafficking);
Defoite Oruj Ms Baroness Hussein-Ece None
Dent Helen Ms Baroness Sherlock None
Derrett Paul Mr Lord Addington Director, Making Politics Interesting Limited
Dewdney-Herbert Elizabeth Mrs Lord Price None
Dines Nicola Miss Lord Palumbo of Southwark None
Dinner Ella Miss Baroness Grey-Thompson Occasional work as Waitress, High Society Ltd
Djilali Elizabeth Mrs Baroness Gale Clerk to Governors, Paddington Green School, Westminster Local Authority
Dobson Colin Mr Lord Mackenzie of Framwellgate Director, Nile Airways Limited; Director, Secure Intelligence Limited (security consultancy)
Dobson John Mr Lord Sharkey None
Dockree Wayne Mr Baroness Howells of St Davids None
Donaldson Ben Mr Lord Hannay of Chiswick Head of Campaigns, United Nations Association - UK (a charity)
Donnelly Alison Mrs Lord Laird Director, FSCOM Limited (compliance consultancy)
Donoghue Bernard Mr Lord Lee of Trafford Director and Chief Executive Officer, Association of Leading Visitor Attractions
Doocey Mark Mr Baroness Doocey None
Dotchin Nigel Mr Baroness Thomas of Winchester Chair and Trustee, Hertfordshire Action on Disability (charity) (unremunerated); Chair and Director, Wheels to Work Association (social enterprise) (unremunerated)
Dougall John Mr Lord Kirkham Driver
Doyle Matthew Mr Lord Alli Founder, MLD Advisory Ltd (public relations)
Drury Christine Mrs Lord Carter of Barnes None
Dunnicliffe Julia Mrs Lord Tebbit Secretary to Jo Churchill, MP
Easterby Roger Mr Lord Pendry None
Eastwick William Mr Baroness Campbell of Surbiton Driver
Edwards-Muthu Halla Miss Lord McConnell of Glenscorrodale None
Eldridge Grant Mr The Duke of Wellington Driver
Eleftheriou Kim Mrs Lord Hameed None
Elliott-Hill Diane Mrs Lord Birt None
Ellison Robyn Ms Baroness Massey of Darwen Public Affairs and Policy Officer, National Children's Bureau (charity)
Ellway Nigel Mr Lord Dear Founding Director, Lynch-Pin Associates Limited; Secretariat duties for APPG on Explosive Threats
Elrick Michael Mr Lord Elder Self-employed Strategic Communications Consultant/Adviser
Emanuel Carol Mrs The Duke of Wellington PA to Chairman, Richemont Holdings (UK) (high quality brands)
Emerson Merlene Ms Baroness Kramer None
English Helen Mrs Baroness Chalker of Wallasey PA and Events Manager, Africa Matters Limited; clients include Shell International, Rio Tinto, SGS and Government of Nigeria
Enright Jane Mrs Baroness Quin None
Eustace Thomas Alfred Mr Lord Sterling of Plaistow Driver
Evans Alexandra Mrs Baroness Kidron None
Evans Ruby Miss Baroness Blackstone Research Assistant, UpRising (charity)
Evans Stephen Mr Lord Taverne Campaigns Manager, National Secular Society (non-profit campaigning organisation)
Evans Trevor Mr Lord Stevens of Ludgate None
Evans-Williams Catrin Ms Lord Pendry None
Everett Kirsten Dr Lord Kakkar Private Secretary, Thrombosis Research Institute (clinical research charity); Head of CommonHealth (Commonwealth health initiative)
Everington Peter Mr The Duke of Montrose None
Factor Mallory Prof Lord Stevens of Ludgate Professor, The Citadel, The Military College of South Carolina, USA
Fair Helen Ms Baroness Stern Research Fellow, Institute for Criminal Policy Research
Farooq Umer Mr Lord Ahmed Public Relations Officer, Al Mustafa Welfare Trust (charity)
Farrington Benjamin Mr Baroness Farrington of Ribbleton None
Fedorcio Richard Mr Lord Stevens of Kirkwhelpington Director, Dick Fedorcio Ltd (communication consultancy)
Fetuga-Joensuu Danielle Ms The Lord Bishop of Rochester Relief Worker/Volunteer, Chapter 1 Charity Ltd (supporting and moving young women)
Filce Danelle Mrs Lord Razzall Partner, RT Associates (corporate finance)
Fimister Geoffrey Mr Baroness Lister of Burtersett Self-employed Consultant, Writer and Researcher, specialising particularly in anti-poverty and benefits issues; also Campaigns Officer (Incomes) for the Royal National Institute for Blind People (writing articles for journals published by Institute of Revenues, Rating and Valuation)
Fletcher Mark Mr Lord Popat None
Fletcher Sarah Miss Lord Strathclyde None
Flintoft Ian Revd The Lord Bishop of Newcastle None
Flynn Terence Mr Lord Fink Driver
Fogarty Kathryn Mrs Lord Baker of Dorking Secretary to Chairman, Baker Dearing Educational Trust (a charity); Secretary to Lord Lee of Trafford
Fowler John Mr Baroness Wheeler Policy Manager, Children's Services, Local Government Information Unit; Writer and Adviser, Croner-i Limited (accounting and tax information products)
Fox Gareth Mr Baroness Chisholm of Owlpen Head of Parliamentary Candidates, Conservative Party HQ
Frampton Toby Mr Lord Browne of Madingley None
Franchi Giovanni Mr Lord Mendelsohn Driver, GMF Cars
Frapple Sarah Mrs Lord Ashdown of Norton-sub-Hamdon None
Fraser Euan Mr Baroness Butler-Sloss Project and Communications Coordinator, Human Trafficking Foundation, Blackfriars Settlement, London SE1 0RB; he is assisting Baroness Butler-Sloss in Modern Slavery and related issues; work also includes Secretariat for All Party Parliamentary Group on Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking
Free (nee Coyle) Sarah Ms Baroness Neville-Jones None
Fulloway Richard Mr Lord Gadhia None
Fyfe Oliver Mr Lord Cromwell None
Gardner Elizabeth Ms Lord Risby Self-employed administrator
Gardner Joanna Ms Baroness Gardner of Parkes Councillor (Cabinet Member for Community Safety, IT and Corporate Services), Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea
Geach Rebecca Miss Lord Pendry None
Gearson John Prof Lord King of Bridgwater Professor, King's College London
Genders Nigel Revd The Lord Bishop of Durham Chief Education Officer, Church of England
Gibson Janet Ms Lord McKenzie of Luton Administrator/Convenor for All party Group on Opera
Girling Angus Mr Lord Bilimoria None
Gleich Louise Miss Lord McColl of Dulwich Human Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation Policy Officer, CARE (policy charity)
Godsell Catherine Mrs Baroness Morgan of Ely National Political Officer, GMB (trade union)
Godson Dean Mr Lord Bew Director, Policy Exchange Ltd (think tank)
Godwin-Pearson Graham Mr Lord Lexden Managing Director, Godwin Pearson Ltd (marketing services)
Goldsmid Gillian Mrs Lord Dannatt PA to Liz Peace and Christopher Kemball
Gomes Dawn Mrs Lord Birt None
Goodhart Maud Ms Baroness Falkner of Margravine Bookseller, Persephone Books
Goodman Dougal Dr The Earl of Selborne Chief Executive, Foundation for Science and Technology (charity); Some consulting work for International Group of P&I Clubs (insurance) (interest ceased 31 January 2017)
Goodwin Polly Miss Lord Low of Dalston Occasional work for Royal National Institute of Blind People; occasional freelance audio description work for SDI Media
Gordon-Macleod David Mr Viscount Waverley MSC Student Assessor/Marker, Department of International Security and Development, Leicester University; Stabilisation Adviser, Foreign and Commonwealth Office; Sensitivity Reviewer, Foreign and Commonwealth Office
Gordon-Nesbitt Rebecca Dr Lord Howarth of Newport Research Associate, King's College
Govani Zahra Miss Lord Sheikh None
Green David Dr Lord Vinson Director, CIVITAS Limited (a charity)
Greening Joanne Ms Baroness Royall of Blaisdon Head of International Liaison, Labour Party
Grosman Eva Ms Lord Alderdice CEO, Centre for Democracy and Peace Building (not-for-profit organisation)
Gulleford Stuart Mr Lord Stoddart of Swindon Self Employed Public Relations Consultant
Haigh Andrew Mr Baroness Cox None
Haldane Amy Miss Baroness Bakewell of Hardington Mandeville Political Assistant, Local Government Association
Hannaway Catherine Dr Lord Crisp Director, Catherine Hannaway Associates Ltd (leadership and development)
Harkin Monica Miss Lord Richard None
Harper Heather Mrs Lord Astor of Hever President and Director, S E C Industrial Battery Company Ltd; Chairman, Conservatives Abroad (unpaid)
Harris Zoe Ms Baroness Howarth of Breckland None
Harrison Margaret Miss Lord Maclennan of Rogart None
Harvey-Kelly Sarah Miss Baroness Tonge Visit to Brussels, Belgium, 26–28 September 2017, to attend EuroNGO AGM; travel, hotel and per diem were paid by the UK APPG on Population, Development and Reproductive Health
Hasan Sherife Ms Lord Patel of Bradford Researcher/Executive Officer, University of East London
Hatch Oliver Mr Baroness Hanham Public Affairs Manager, London Councils
Haylock Susan Mrs Lord Prescott None
Haywood Nicola Ms Lord Clement-Jones Founding Director, The House Associates (administers Rock the House and Film the House parliamentary competitions)
Heath-Taylor Caroline Miss Lord Alton of Liverpool Parliamentary Intern, Fiona Bruce MP
Hepburn Judith Ms Baroness Blackstone Sales Associate, Austin Reed Group (retail); Secretary (part-time), Lord Giddens
Hersheson Sara Miss Lord Coe None
Hewett Brook Mr Lord Browne of Madingley None
Hewish Tim Mr Lord Howell of Guildford Director of Policy and Research, Royal Commonwealth Society (a charity)
Heyes Elizabeth Miss Lord Curry of Kirkharle Intern for John Glen MP
Hilary John Mr Lord Morris of Handsworth Policy Officer (Trade), Labour Party
Hilland Andrew Mr Lord Stevenson of Balmacara Consultant, The Education Commission (charity)
Hipwood John Mr Lord Cormack None
Hobday Michael Mr Baroness Finlay of Llandaff None
Hobhouse Eleanor Miss Baroness Chakrabarti None
Hodges Mary Mrs Lord Boswell of Aynho Part time secretarial assistance to Lord Wakeham
Hodsoll Jack Mr Lord Browne of Madingley None
Hoffler Harriet Ms Baroness Stern Coordinator, All Party Parliamentary Group on Drones
Hogarth Elizabeth Ms Baroness Corston None
Hogarth Gerardine Miss Baroness Flather Executive Assistant, ABF The Soldiers’ Charity
Holland Robert Mr Baroness Hollins Public Affairs Manager, Royal Mencap Society (learning disability charity)
Holman Simon Mr Lord Borwick None
Holmes Mark Mr Lord Deben Interim Director, Conservative Environment Network (self-employed)
Hont Frank Mr Baroness Wheeler None
Horner Simon Mr Lord Leigh of Hurley Head of Policy and Innovation, Corporation of London; Self-employed consultant trading as Horner Consulting; clients: Lord Rose, Baroness Brady, Baroness Harding, Lord Lupton, Baroness Rock, Baroness Macgregor Smith, Baroness Finn; other clients are Westminster Policy Institute, Time Partners, Pensions and Lifetime Savings Association (interest ceased 28 February 2017)
Howard Charles Mr Lord Howard of Rising None
Howard Ryma Mrs Lord Graham of Edmonton None
Howe Darryl Mr Lord Allen of Kensington Trainer, Westminster Training Ltd (training and development); clients include CH2M HILL and Essex County Fire and Rescue Service; Work also done for Baroness Rebuck
Howie Oscar Mr Lord Kakkar Private Secretary to the Director (job title changed from Operations Project Manager in June 2014), Thrombosis Research Institute (clinical research charity)
Howson Susan Dr Lord McColl of Dulwich Specialty Training Registrar (psychiatrist), Devon Partnership Trust
Hribar Sebastian Mr Lord Porter of Spalding Executive PA to Chairman, Local Government Association
Hughes John Mr Lord Hughes of Woodside London Correspondent, Mozambique News Agency
Hunt Christopher Mr Lord Lupton Driver
Hunt Elizabeth Ms Lord Maginnis of Drumglass Administrator, Hull & Company (chartered surveyors)
Hurrell Gwennie Mrs Lord Palmer Self-employed newsagent
Hustwith Jacqueline Miss Baroness Masham of Ilton None (carer)
Hyyrylainen-Trett Adrian Mr Baroness Hussein-Ece Work also done for Baroness Burt of Solihull
Iliadis Niki Ms Lord Willetts Business Intelligence Researcher in Open Innovation, Big Innovation Centre (carries out research for All-Party Parliamentary Group on the Fourth Industrial Revolution)
Imafidon Kenny Mr Lord Hastings of Scarisbrick Managing Director, Clearview Research
Ironside Wood Jane Ms Lord Puttnam None
Jackson Catherine Mrs Lord Hain Personal Assistant to Rt Hon Shaun Woodward (charity work and strategic communication); Clerk to the Governors, St Marylebone CE Bridge School; Funding is received from Communication Workers Union to pay for my role as administrative support in connection with the Member's parliamentary activity
Jacobs Natalie Miss Lord Polak Projects Officer, Conservative Friends of Israel Ltd
James-Mowbray Alec Mr Baroness Kennedy of Cradley Correspondent Assistant, Labour Party
Jarman Richard Mr Baroness Howells of St Davids None
Jennings Madeleine Ms Lord Hain None
Jinks Jacqueline Mrs The Marquess of Lothian Director, Global Strategy Forum (not-for-profit foreign affairs think-tank)
Jogia Ameet Mr Lord Popat Elected Local Councillor from 23 May 2014, representing Canons Ward, London Borough of Harrow
Johnston Alison Ms The Lord Bishop of Leeds Communications Officer, Diocese of Leeds, Church of England
Johnston Allen Mr Lord Alderdice Chief of Staff, Commonwealth Initiative on Freedom of Religion or Belief (CIFoRB)
Johnston Stewart Josephine Mrs Lord Maude of Horsham Some administrative work for Francis Maude Associates LLP
Joiner Sarah Hon Baroness Gardner of Parkes Board Member, Habinteg Housing Association
Jokinen Olli Mr Lord Wallace of Saltaire None
Jones Barney Prof Lord Kinnock Professor of Journalism; Teaching undergraduates and post graduates, City University, London; Teaching undergraduates and post graduates, Goldsmiths College, London; Training broadcasting skills and good governance, BBC Media Action
Jones Candida Ms Lord Dubs Councillor, Wandsworth Council
Jones Caroline Hon Baroness Billingham None
Jones Clare Mrs The Lord Bishop of Portsmouth None
Jones Michael Mr Baroness Boothroyd None
Jones Thomas Mr Lord Sawyer Head of Policy and Public Affairs, Thompsons Solicitors
Kaarvang Evylise Dr Lord McColl of Dulwich None
Kane Anthony Mr Lord Bhattacharyya None
Kaur Karmjit Ms Baroness Brown of Cambridge Political Affairs Manager, Universities UK
Kellner Peter Mr Lord Lipsey Non-executive Director, Medical Discoveries Catapult (government funded non-profit research)
Kelly Bethan Miss Baroness Grey-Thompson None
Kelly Elizabeth Miss Baroness Jay of Paddington None
Kennedy Peter Mr Baroness Jones of Moulsecoomb Self-employed Researcher
Kerry Paul Mr Baroness Nicholson of Winterbourne Associate Professor, Brigham Young University; Supernumerary Fellow, Rothermere American Institute, University of Oxford (unpaid)
Kettle Martin Rev The Lord Bishop of Rochester Policy Adviser, Archbishops' Council, Church of England
Khan Jameela Miss Lord Stoneham of Droxford None
King Ronnie Mr Lord Howie of Troon None
Kirkby Lindsay Mrs Lord Crickhowell None
Kjaerby Ann Miss Baroness Tonge Visit to Rome, Italy, 4-5 May 2017, to attend 2017 G7/G20 International Parliamentarian’s Conference; flights, hotel, other travel and per diem were paid by the UK APPG on Population, Development and Reproductive Health; Visit to Brussels, Belgium, 26–28 September 2017, to attend EuroNGO AGM; travel, hotel and per diem were paid by the UK APPG on Population, Development and Reproductive Health; Visit to Corsica, 30 October – 1 November 2017, to attend European Parliamentary Forum on Population and Development annual meeting; travel, hotel and per diem were paid by European Parliamentary Forum on Population and Development and APPG on Population, Development and Reproductive Health; Visit to Ethiopia, 5–11 November 2017, as part of All-Party Parliamentary Group on Population, Development and Reproductive Health study tour; travel, per diem and accommodation costs paid by All-Party Parliamentary Group on Population, Development and Reproductive Health from funds disclosed in the register of All-Party Parliamentary Groups
Knight Ruth Mrs The Lord Bishop of Salisbury Environmental Policy Officer, Archbishops' Council, Church of England
Knott Geoffrey Mr Lord Wei Non-executive Director, Ninety CIC (digital consultancy); Non-executive Director, Ninety Consulting Ltd; Non-executive Director, Ninety Create Ltd
Kotecha Resham Miss Baroness Jenkin of Kennington Farsight Consulting Ltd (on gardening leave, not working at present)
Kratt Frederick Mr The Lord Bishop of Coventry None
Krupova Edita Miss Lord Redesdale None
Kumaran Uma Miss Lord Smith of Leigh Giving political advice to Labour councillors and shadow Department for Communities and Local Government, Local Government Association
Kurek Natalia Miss Lord Darzi of Denham None
L’Etang Guy Mr Baroness Campbell of Surbiton Research Assistant; Also works for Baroness Grey-Thompson and is paid for that work by Tanni-Grey Thompson Ltd
Langley Anne Mrs Lord MacGregor of Pulham Market Parliamentary Assistant, Suella Fernandes MP
Lavender Mark Mr Lord Roberts of Llandudno Bartender, Broughton Wings Sports and Social Club
Lavin (nee Freeland) Rhiannon Mrs Baroness Greengross Operations Director, International Longevity Centre UK (think tank)
Lawrence Cheryl Mrs Baroness Rawlings Self-employed PA
Lawrence Georgina Miss Baroness Lawrence of Clarendon Pharmacy Assistant, Superdrug
Lawson Katherine Ms Baroness Hooper Parliamentary Outreach Officer, Chatham House, the Royal Institute of International Affairs (charity)
Le Marchant Silvia Lady Lord Pearson of Rannoch None
Lee Nicholas Mr Lord Fowler Director, Someplace to Go Ltd t/a The Peckham Pelican (small business); Teaching Fellow, Department of Media Arts, Royal Holloway, University of London
Lennon Leo Mr Baroness Masham of Ilton Parliamentary Adviser, Society for the Protection of Unborn Children (SPUC), a campaigning organisation; Parliamentary Officer, Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS)
Lester Clinton Mr Lord Bragg Driver
Levitt Teresa Mrs Baroness Morris of Yardley Part-time Interviewer, Ipsos Mori (market research company)
Lewin Davis Mr Lord Kalms Managing Director, Westminster Strategy Partners Ltd (research, analysis and advisory services); Consultant, Friends of Israel Initiative (educational charity seeking policy solutions for middle east peace)
Lewis Michael Dr The Earl of Glasgow Head, Portable Antiquities and Treasure, British Museum
Limb Ann Dr Baroness Kennedy of The Shaws Non-executive Director, Homes and Communities Agency (interest ceased 31 October 2017); Chair, ENTRUST (regulator of the Landfill Communities Fund); Ad hoc consultancy (coaching); Chair of Trustees, Helena Kennedy Foundation (educational charity); Chair, Scout Association; Chair, Destination Milton Keynes; Trustee, Wavendon All Music Plan (WAP) Ltd (charitable trust); Trustee, Luton Cultural Services Trust; Trustee, Charity Futures; Member, SE Council, Arts Council England; Council Member, City & Guilds of London Institute
Lindley Dominic Mr Lord Sharkey Trustee, Which? pension scheme (consumer organisation); Member, Banking Stakeholder Group, European Banking Authority (European banking regulator); Consultant, Consumers International (consumer organisation); Member, Customer Advocacy Group, Royal London (insurance company); Researcher, Philip Augar (author); Director of Policy, New City Agenda (think tank); Member of Panel, Financial Services Consumer Panel (consumer organisation); Secretarial assistance to Lord McFall
Little Katy Miss Lord Rowlands Personal Assistant, Camden Council
Littlewood Charles Mr Lord Smith of Hindhead Assistant Chief Executive, Association of Conservative Clubs Ltd
Lloyd Hywel Mr Lord Knight of Weymouth Associate Director, Infrastructure, Institute For Public Policy Research; Adviser/Facilitator, Facilitating the Future Ltd (formerly HWL Special Projects Ltd) (sustainability policy and implementation); clients include Institute For Public Policy Research; C40; WeAreHereNow; Local Partnerships (Wales) and Welsh Regional Engagement teams; London Tree Officers Association; Labour Together; Public Engagement Agency; Green Growth Wales; The Cooperative Party; Smithfield Public Affairs; European Climate Foundation; Cheney Capital; SERA Ltd (unremunerated voluntary role); Labour: Coast and Country Ltd (unremunerated voluntary role); Member, Re-energising Wales Steering Group, Institute of Welsh Affairs (unremunerated voluntary role)
Lloyd Mark Mr Lord Porter of Spalding Chief Executive, Local Government Association
Lockhart Erica Ms Baroness McGregor-Smith Executive Affairs Director, Mitie Group plc
Lomax Paul Dr Baroness Hollins Psychiatric Doctor (Speciality Trainee 6), South West London and St George's Mental Health NHS Trust
Lunts Rosamund Mrs Lord Kerslake Owner/Director, Lundunn Ltd (regeneration consultancy)
Lyons Roger Mr Lord Hoyle None
Lyttle Hannah Miss Lord Empey Receptionist, William Booth College, Salvation Army
MacDonald Philip Mr Baroness Worthington Head of Strategy and Communication (formerly Policy Officer), Sandbag Climate Campaign (environmental think-tank)
Mackintosh-Stewart Sheela Mrs Lord Wei Self-employed matrimonial consultant,; Matrimonial Consultant, International Family Law Group Solicitors; Chairman, Diaspora Group (I also run the Diaspora Emerging Leadership Programme) (unremunerated); Executive Board Director, Conservative Friends of the Chinese (unremunerated); Vice-President, Beaconsfield Constituency Conservative Association (unremunerated)
Madel Susan Lady Lord Horam None
Mahmood Anisa Miss Lord Ahmed None
Mangnall Anthony Mr Lord Hague of Richmond None
Manning Irene Mrs Lord Clement-Jones Director, 2020Health.Org Ltd (health research)
Margison Elliot Mr Lord Greaves None
Marquand Sophie Miss The Lord Bishop of Ely Self employed, Administrative,Technological and Marketing support
Martin Anya Ms Lord Kerslake Policy Assistant, Peabody Housing Association
Martin-Gee Helene Mrs The Earl of Erroll None
Martin-Jenkins Flora Mrs Viscount Bridgeman Teacher, Harrow School, Red Balloon
Mason Samuel Mr Viscount Falkland Research Assistant, Equal and Free Limited (not-for-profit campaigning organisation)
Massey Benjamin Hon Baroness Massey of Darwen None
Mathieson David Dr Lord Maxton Lecturer, Salem College
Maudgil Uday Mr Lord Suri None
May John Mr Lord Risby Partner, John J May Chartered Accountants
Mayes Katherine Miss Lord Turnberg Policy Officer, Association of Medical Research Charities
Mazumder Ayesha Miss Lord Triesman None
McBride David Mr Baroness Humphreys Self-employed business consultant, David McBride Consulting; Council Member, Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (unremunerated); attends a number of formal dinners, lunches, a residential conference and other events as a Council member during the course of the year, the costs of which are paid for by the Institute; Director and Trustee (unremunerated) of Commonwealth Carnival of Music, a company limited by guarantee and registered charity and Director (unremunerated) of its subsidiary, Commonwealth Carnival Limited; Trustee, Parliament Choir
McCarthy Claire Ms Lord Kennedy of Southwark General Secretary (formerly Head of External and Political Affairs), The Co-operative Party
McCrossan Simon Mr The Lord Bishop of Winchester Head of Public Policy, Evangelical Alliance (member organisation); Self-employed Barrister, Clerksroom Chambers
McCurdy Kathleen Dr Baroness Watkins of Tavistock Specialist Registrar in Forensic Psychiatry, Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust
McGee Bernadette Miss Baroness Gould of Potternewton I am also employed by Lord Noon
McGinty Susan Dr Lord Powell of Bayswater None
McGowan Michelle Mrs Lord Moynihan None
McIlvenna Peter Mr Lord Pearson of Rannoch Campaign Manager, Christian Concern
McManus Michael Mr Lord Hunt of Wirral Also works as a policy adviser to Neil Carmichael MP (interest ceased 31 May 2017); Consultant (formerly Researcher), DAC Beachcroft LLP
McPhee Elizabeth Mrs Baroness Howarth of Breckland None
McSweeney Morgan Mr Lord Beecham Head of Labour Group Office, Local Government Association
Mead Susan Mrs Baroness Howells of St Davids None
Meade Jordan Mr Viscount Waverley Councillor and Cabinet Member, Gravesham Borough Council; Events Manager, Henry Jackson Society (think tank); Director, Imperial Reciter Ltd (publishing)
Mehmet Alper Mr Lord Green of Deddington Vice Chairman and Member of the Advisory Council, Migrationwatch; Special Adviser, Fipra; Head of Fiptalk (a branch of Fipra)
Meirion-Jones Megan Miss Lord Farmer Intern
Mendoza Alan Dr Baroness Eaton Executive Director, Henry Jackson Society (think-tank)
Methven Andrew Mr Baroness Nicholson of Winterbourne Chief of Staff, Amar International charitable Foundation; Director, Calstar Consulting Ltd;
Meyer Jillian Mrs Baroness Symons of Vernham Dean None
Miah Rohema Ms Lord Eames None
Michels Christophe Mr Baroness Nicholson of Winterbourne Managing Director, (formerly Chief Operating Officer), Iraq Britain Business Council (IBBC)
Miller Eric Mr Lord Foulkes of Cumnock Parliamentary Tour Guide, Houses of Parliament
Miller Lynddon Mr Lord Deben Driver
Mills Elizabeth Mrs Lord Haughey None
Mirvis Noam Mr Lord Turnberg ?Director and House of Lords Coordinator, All-Party Britain-Israel Parliamentary Group (salary provided by Cedarsoak Ltd)
Mitchell-Thomson Callum Hon Lord Selsdon Head of Investment Banking, Germany, JP Morgan Chase & Co
Moghaddam Roudabeh Ms Baroness Shields Teacher, One Degree (mentoring charity); Education Consultant, Adnan Jaffrey Educational Trust
Moher James Dr Lord Young of Norwood Green None
Montague John Mr Lord Bird Managing Director, The Big Issue Company
Moore Victoria Mrs Lord Blunkett Unpaid Trustee and Volunteer, Hospice of St Francis, Berkhamsted
Mordue Chelsey Ms Baroness Hayter of Kentish Town None
Morford Jane Mrs Baroness Miller of Chilthorne Domer Public Affairs Officer, Living Streets (charity supporting Walk to School programme)
Morgan (John) David Mr Lord Bach Associate Lecturer, Open University
Morgan Austen Dr Lord Bew Self employed Barrister
Morgan David Mr Lord Kirkhill Director, Aberdeen Skills and Enterprise Training Ltd (training oil and gas industries)
Morgan Pippa Mrs Lord Carter of Coles Employed as assistant to Lord Carter of Coles by JKHC Ltd (a company owned by Lord Carter of Coles); clients include McKesson Information Society and Warburg Pincus
Morley Michael Mr Lord Mackenzie of Framwellgate Director, Energy Efficiency Hub Limited (energy efficiency consultancy)
Morris Pauline Ms Baroness Morris of Yardley None
Morton Gary Mr Lord Haughey Driver
Mouflard Caroline Miss Lord Watson of Richmond None
Mundy Simon Mr Lord Redesdale None
Murphy Dominic Mr Baroness Kennedy of Cradley Political Adviser, Labour Party
Murphy Tessa Ms Lord Ramsbotham Senior Programme Officer, Standing Committee for Youth Justice, Youth Justice Organisation
Murrell Tracy Mrs Lord Astor of Hever Employed as a secretary by Lord Howard of Lympne
Nair Anjali Ms Lord Lipsey None
Neagle Jacqueline Mrs Baroness Rock Executive Assistant, Conservative Party
Nesbitt-Ahmed Lailah Miss Lord Oates Policy and Research Coordinator, Royal African Society (charity)
Newlove Joshua Mr Lord Liddle Project Manager, Policy Network (think-tank)
Newman Henry Mr Baroness Finn Director, Open Europe (think-tank)
Newman Jacqueline Mrs The Lord Bishop of Peterborough None
Nicholas Vivian Mr Lord Brougham and Vaux None
Nicholson Jennifer Miss Lord Palmer Administrator, Centre for Policy Studies (a think-tank)
Nijhar Ilayda Ms Baroness Flather None
Noel Robert Mr Lord Lingfield Officer of Arms, College of Arms, London
Norlund Lindis Ms Baroness Northover None
Norris-Copson Sian Ms Lord Wrigglesworth Special Projects Manager, Liberal Democrats
Nowaz Komal Ms Lord Desai None
Nurick Penelope Mrs The Marquess of Lothian None
Okewale Dayo Mr Lord Hastings of Scarisbrick None
Onatade Ayoola Miss Baroness Hale of Richmond Head of Judicial Support and PA to the Deputy President of the Supreme Court, Baroness Hale of Richmond and Lord Kerr
Orchard William Mr Lord Campbell of Pittenweem Freelance, occasional Journalism
Orozco-Arguello Javier Mr Lord Levene of Portsoken Driver
Osman Rihana Miss Baroness Uddin None
Owen Elizabeth Mrs Lord Moynihan None
Page Angela Mrs Lord Porter of Spalding Head of Conservative Group Office, Local Government Association; Elected Councillor, London Borough of Bromley
Paniagua Cruz Rodrigo Mr Lord Taylor of Warwick None
Parker Andrew Mr Lord Hunt of Wirral Partner, Head of Strategic Litigation, DAC Beachcroft LLP
Parker Oliver Mr Lord Touhig Public Affairs Manager, National Autistic Society (charity)
Parrett Martin Mr Lord Blunkett None
Parsad Nathan Mr Lord Leigh of Hurley Area Campaign Manager, Conservative Party
Parsons Alexandra Miss Lord Graham of Edmonton Development Manager, Co-operative Party
Patel Mahesh Mr Lord Loomba Driver
Payne Samuel Mr Lord German Fundraising and Events Assistant, Liberal Democrats
Pegg Liberty Miss Lord Willoughby de Broke None
Percival Darren Mr Lord Browne of Madingley Driver
Perrin Hilary Ms Lord Kennedy of Southwark None
Perry Jane Mrs The Lord Bishop of Oxford Self-employed, Jane Perry Social Policy Research (social research consultant)
Perry Jennifer Dr Lord Brooke of Alverthorpe Specialist Registrar, General Adult Psychiatry (Trainee Psychiatrist), South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust
Perry Lesley Ms Baroness Warwick of Undercliffe Also working for Baroness Berridge and for the All-Party Parliamentary Group on International Freedom of Religion or Belief
Peters Dana Ms Lord Popat None
Phipps Mathew Revd The Lord Bishop of Winchester None
Phyall Julie Mrs Lord Rose of Monewden Personal Assistant, Fulton Management Limited
Piche Nicole Ms Lord Campbell-Savours Coordinator/Legal Adviser, All-Party Parliamentary Human Rights Group
Picken Barbara Ms Lord Hylton None
Pickering Janet Ms Lord Rooker None
Pinch Miranda Mrs Baroness Tonge None
Pollock Abigail Miss Viscount Hanworth None
Pope Thea Miss Baroness Stroud Executive and Events Assistant, Legatum Institute (think-tank)
Porter David Canon The Lord Archbishop of Canterbury Chief of Staff and Strategy at Lambeth Palace
Potter Jennifer Revd Lord Griffiths of Burry Port Methodist Minister at Wesley's Chapel, Methodist Church
Poynter Emma Miss Lord Bradshaw None
Prentis Roger Dr Lord Laird Director, Partmast Ltd (export agents/management consultancy); Director, E-Charge Ltd (publishing); Director, E-Cmedia Ltd (publishing); Director, RDPI Ltd (dormant); Director, Pan-Net Ltd (dormant)
Preston Robert Mr Baroness Finlay of Llandaff Support to London Policing Ethics Panel, Mayor's Office for Policing and Crime, London; Financial interest in Living and Dying Well Ltd (public policy think-tank)
Price Andrew Mr Lord Palumbo of Southwark Driver
Price Peter Mr Baroness Randerson Non-executive Board Member of the Wales Audit Office; Chair of the Board of Governance of the Comptroller and Auditor General for Jersey
Pyrtek Pia Miss Baroness Ludford Intern
Quenard Celia Miss Lord Wallace of Saltaire None
Quirk Kerrie Mrs Lord Stern of Brentford Executive Officer, London School of Economics and Political Science
Qureshi Sadaf Miss Baroness Watkins of Tavistock None
Rafique Rebecca Ms Baroness Uddin None
Rankin Penelope Mrs Lord Patten of Barnes None
Rathbone Alexandra Mrs Lord Lawson of Blaby PA to Chairman and President, CET Capital Limited (strategic investment consultancy in central and eastern Europe) ; Secretary and Administrator, Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF) (educational charity)
Raymond Audrey Mrs Baroness Warwick of Undercliffe Office Manager, Sandy Brown Associates LLP (acoustic consultancy)
Reamsbottom Barry Mr Lord Martin of Springburn None
Reed Charles Dr The Lord Bishop of Leeds Policy Adviser, Foreign Affairs, Archbishops' Council of the Church of England
Reeve Peter Mr Lord Kalms Regional Organiser and Constituency Manager to Patrick O’Flynn MEP, Tim Aker MEP and Stuart Agnew MEP; Senior Regional Organiser for East of England for UK Independence Party (UKIP) (interest ceased 31 March 2017); Councillor, Cambridgeshire County Council (interest ceased 31 May 2017), Huntingdonshire District Council and Ramsey Town Council; an elected Vice Chairman of the Local Government Association (LGA) and elected Deputy Leader of Independent Group on LGA
Reinholt Suzanne Ms Lord Powell of Bayswater None
Richards Sam Mr Lord Krebs Head of Strategy, Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit (non-profit organisation)
Richardson Lorna Ms Lord Hannay of Chiswick British American Security Information Council (BASIC) (think tank) (seconded as Clerk, All party Parliamentary Group on Global Security and Non-proliferation); Producer, "Ada Lovelace Day Live!" (an annual celebration of women in STEM)
Ricketts John Mr Lord Bird None
Riha Johanna Dr Lord Crisp None
Ritchie Richard Mr Lord Howard of Rising None
Robbins Peter Mr Lord Whitty Head, Labour Group Office, Local Government Association
Robleto-Gonzalez Lizzette Mrs Lord Griffiths of Burry Port Head of Policy, Progressio (charity)
Rogers Leslie Rev The Lord Bishop of Chelmsford Bishop's Chaplain to Lord Bishop of Chelmsford, Diocese of Chelmsford
Rolfe James Mr Lord Bilimoria None
Ronald Margaret Mrs Lord Rea None
Rook Russell Dr Baroness Sherlock Partner, Good Faith Partnership; Chair, Reset: Communities and Refugees (this will-be charity is set to be an intermediary body working between government and civil society to increase the capacity of communities to welcome refugees)
Rosling (known as Kyprianou) Chrysoulla Mrs Lord Barker of Battle Self employed photographer; PA to Lord Davies of Stamford
Rountree Florence Miss Lord Cotter Project Manager, Great Britain-China Centre (non-departmental public body); Some work undertaken for All Party Parliamentary China Group
Rowlands David Mr Lord Howard of Rising Driver
Rubin Michael Mr Lord Turnberg Parliamentary Affairs and Research Manager, Labour Friends of Israel
Rugman Claud Mr Lord Stoddart of Swindon None
Russel Ponte Rebecca Ms Lord Hodgson of Astley Abbotts None
Russell Diane Mrs Baroness Dean of Thornton-le-Fylde None
Sacker Daniel Mr Lord Sacks None
Sadeghi Nicholas Mr Lord Hylton Barrister (self-employed)
Saleem Aliyah Miss Lord Soley Senior Telephone Interviewer, Kantar (market research)
Salt Angela Miss Baroness Armstrong of Hill Top Chief Executive (formerly Executive Director), Tony Blair Faith Foundation
Sangster Claire Ms Baroness Byford None
Sangster Nicola Miss Lord Rennard Self-employed Actor; Associate Director, Pied Piper (children's theatre company)
Sani Michael Mr Baroness Royall of Blaisdon Chief Executive, Bite The Ballot (youth civic engagement)
Saunders Jennifer Ms Lord O'Neill of Clackmannan Chief Executive, National Energy Action (a charity); Adviser, Committee on Fuel Poverty (government advisory public body)
Schaper Anita Mrs Baroness Harris of Richmond None
Scotland-Williamson Hazel Ms Baroness Scotland of Asthal None
Scott Brian Dr Lord Rana Non-executive Director, Department of Employment and Learning, Belfast
Scrivener Jennifer Miss Lord Selsdon None
Seale Mari-Carmen Mrs Lord Taverne None
Sears Jacqueline Ms Lord Clarke of Stone-cum-Ebony Personal Assistant, UK Supreme Court
Sellars Philippa Miss Lord Fox None
Sen Hopi Mr Lord Bhattacharyya None
Senior Rachel Miss The Lord Bishop of St Albans Parliamentary support and research is carried out for the Bishop of Gloucester one day a week
Shah Safdar Mr Lord Loomba PA, VIZ-A-VIZ Limited (retail, ladies fashion)
Sharma Monica Miss Lord Bilimoria None
Sharman David Mr Lord Patel of Bradford None
Sharp Gillian Miss Lord Allen of Kensington PA to Chairman, Global Radio Group
Sheikh Zarina Hon Lord Sheikh None
Sherwood Philip Mr Baroness Nicholson of Winterbourne Executive Director, AMAR International Charitable Foundation
Sidorczuk Oliver Mr Lord Bird Parliamentary Adviser, The Big Issue Company
Simpson David Ward Mr Lord Geddes None
Singh Jordan Mr Lord Birt None
Skelton Richard Mr Lord Brookman None
Skodlova Jana Miss Lord Redesdale Researcher/Learning and Development, Energy Managers Association
Skowronska Monica Ms Lord Thomas of Gresford None
Smart Margaret Mrs Lord Owen None
Smeed Helen Ms Baroness Howe of Idlicote Head of Private Office to Lord Hunt of Wirral; salary paid by DAC Beachcroft LLP Solicitors (interest ceased 9 March 2017); PA to Lord Sterling of Plaistow
Smirnova Svetlana Mrs Lord Giddens None
Snape Lesley Mrs Lord Rogan Secretary, Police Service Parliamentary Scheme; Company Secretary, Snip Snap Ltd (video post production)
Souris Michele Miss Lord Thomas of Cwmgiedd Senior Personal Assistant, Ministry of Justice
Southall Marie Miss Lord Murphy of Torfaen Public Affairs Manager, Catholic Education Service (charity)
Southgate Jenny Ms The Earl of Kinnoull Personal Assistant to CUO London Market, Hiscox Insurance
Spence Isabel Dr Lord Oxburgh None
Spiers Sally Miss Lord Magan of Castletown Secretary, St James's Co Ltd (service company)
Stacy Terence Mr Lord Tope Head of Office, Liberal Democrat Group, Local Government Association (trade body for local government)
Stanley Simon Mr The Lord Bishop of St Albans Deputy Parliamentary Secretary, Church of England
Stanley-Clarke Doune Mrs Lord Garel-Jones None
Stapley Emma Ms Lord Storey Public Affairs Manager, The Oliver King Foundation (charity raising awareness of defibrillators)
Stephen Sheila Mrs Lord Taylor of Warwick None
Stevenson Margaret Ms Baroness Butler-Sloss Also provides secretarial services to Lord Woolf, Earl of Listowel, Lord Jay of Ewelme, Lord Palmer, Lord Morris of Aberavon and Baroness Wilcox
Stewart Graham Mr Lord Balfe Parliamentary and Campaigns Officer, Prospect (trade union)
Stockwell Heather Mrs Baroness McIntosh of Pickering None
Stone Charles Mr Lord Wills None
Stone Hannah Ms Lord Hodgson of Astley Abbotts Researcher, Andrew Tyrie MP (interest ceased 7 June 2017); Consultant Researcher, Transparency International (defence and security programme); Consultant Editor, European Council on Foreign Relations
Stranska Gabriela Miss Baroness Masham of Ilton None (carer)
Stratford Sally Lady Baroness Thornton None
Strathern Katherine Miss Lord Carlile of Berriew Personal Assistant, SC Strategy Ltd (consultancy)
Summerskill Ben Mr Lord Alli Director, Criminal Justice Alliance (member organisation for charities); Council (Board) Member, ACAS; Trustee, The Silver Line (charity) (w.e.f. 1 April 2017)
Suter Gregory Mr Lord Browne of Madingley None
Sweeny John Mr Lord Whitty Barman, Pimlico Pub Company
Sword Robert Mr Lord Arbuthnot of Edrom Senior Researcher, SC Strategy Limited
Taylor Andrew Mr Baroness Taylor of Bolton Campaign Delivery Officer, The Labour Party
Taylor Carole Dr Lord Soley Parliamentary Assistant, Baroness Campbell of Surbiton
Taylor Edward Mr Lord Black of Brentwood Head of Corporate Affairs, Telegraph Media Group
Taylor Fiona Dr Baroness Tyler of Enfield None
Thakurdas Yva Ms Lord Empey None
Thantrey (nee Mahmood) Shaheen Mrs Lord Sheikh Executive Secretary, Conservative Muslim Forum
Thickett Caroline Mrs Baroness Ramsay of Cartvale None
Thomas David Mr Baroness Cox Projects and Logistics Coordinator, Humanitarian Aid Relief Trust (non-governmental organisation in international aid)
Thomas Mervyn Mr Lord Gordon of Strathblane Chief Executive, Christian Solidarity Worldwide (human rights NGO)
Thompson Alwin Mr Lord Goddard of Stockport Managing Partner, Capital Business Partnership; Non-executive Director, Meridian Business Support; Non-executive Director, Faith Products Limited; Consultant, Easi Drive Accident Management; Consultant, Cardea; Chairman, Stockport Sports Trust (unremunerated); Chairman, Lower Withington Parish Council (unremunerated); Trustee, Schools for Kenya (unremunerated)
Thompson Diana Mrs Lord Robathan Secretary, Parliament Choir
Thompson Elizabeth Mrs Baroness Byford Secretarial support is also provided for Lord McColl of Dulwich, Duke of Montrose and Lord Selkirk of Douglas
Thomson Charles Mr Lord Crathorne None
Thorne Neil Sir Lord Wakeham None
Thorne Sheila Lady Lord Rogan None
Thornton Michael Mr Baroness Walmsley None
Timmins William Mr Lord Lexden Parliamentary assistant, Rt Hon Nick Herbert MP
Tindale Jack Mr Baroness Whitaker Manager, All Party Design Group, Policy Connect (research and event planning)
Toale Jessica Miss Lord Bruce of Bennachie Executive Director, Centre for Development Results (international development)
Tozer Thomas Mr Lord Skidelsky None
Tretis Victoria Ms Lord Lucas Senior Executive Assistant, SCRIBA (personal assistant services)
Trettel Adam Mr The Lord Bishop of Coventry None
Trotman Grace Miss Lord Anderson of Swansea None
Turkentine Nicholas Edward Mr Lord Davies of Coity Chief Operating Officer, James Whale Fund for Kidney Cancer, a charity
Tydeman Jane Mrs Lord Burns PA, Santander UK plc
Ukaye Mohamed Mr Lord Hameed Driver
Ullaskumar Sunitha Mrs Baroness Lawrence of Clarendon None
Van Hensbergen Alexandra Mrs Lord Howarth of Newport Director, Arts & Health South West (a charity)
Van Vark Caspar Mr Lord Cameron of Dillington None
Varma Meena Ms Lord Harries of Pentregarth Director, Dalit Solidarity Network UK (campaigning and advocacy to end caste discrimination)
Vaus Jane Ms Baroness Grender Coordinator, All Party Parliamentary Group on Intelligent Energy; Director, All Party Parliamentary Group for Renewable and Sustainability Energy (PRASEG); Project Director, Sustainability Hub; Trustee, Fairyland Trust
Veitch Janet Mrs Baroness Afshar Self-employed Equalities Consultant; clients are: Westminster Foundation for Democracy; British Council; Rape Crisis England and Wales; End Violence against Women Coalition; National Police College; Women for Refugee Women
Verma Tarun Hon Baroness Verma Manager, DCS (home care)
Virgo Philip Mr Lord Lucas Director, Winsafe Ltd (investment and project appraisal); Visit to Plymouth, 28-29 March 2017, to have discussions relating to launch of Plymouth Digital Skills Partnership as UK pilot; train fare and accommodation paid by Plymouth University
Wadsworth Helen Ms Lord Winston PA to Professor of Science and Society, Imperial College, London; Secretary to Dr Christopher Wadsworth (private medical practice)
Wagstaff Jonathan Mr Lord Alli Driver
Walch Nicola Ms Lord Goldsmith Personal Assistant, Debevoise & Plimpton LLP
Wall Julie Mrs Lord Mawson PA/Administrator to Lord Edmund-Davies, Legal Education Trust; Parliamentary Assistant to Lord Loomba
Wallace Gareth Mr Lord Griffiths of Fforestfach Director, Conservative Christian Fellowship
Walshe Garvan Dr Baroness Neville-Jones Director, The Research Department Ltd (also trading as Brexit Analytics) (political consulting)
Warburton Francis Mr Baroness Meacher Researcher/Consultant, Open Society Fund (NGO which funds APPGs on Drug Policy Reform and Abolition of the Death Penalty); Foreign and Commonwealth Office (funds APPG on Abolition of the Death Penalty); World Coalition Against the Death Penalty (interest ceased 20 March 2017)
Wardrobe Maria Mrs Lord O'Neill of Clackmannan Director of Communications and External Relations, National Energy Action (fuel poverty charity)
Waterman Christopher Mr Lord Storey None
Webster Francesca Ms The Lord Bishop of Winchester Community Organiser and Lay Community Member, St George-in-the-East church, Shadwell
Wei Ranny Mr Lord Risby Troop Commander, British Army
Welch Anthony Dr Lord Chidgey Justice and Security Adviser, HM Government (stabilisation unit)
Wells Alice Mrs Lord Paddick Director, Lambay Estate Company (conservation and business development) (unsalaried)
Westgarth Kate Ms Lord Davidson of Glen Clova None
White Charles Mr Baroness Sherlock Freelance Journalist, Daily Mail and General Trust plc (DMGT)
White Christopher Mr Lord Tope Deputy Leader, Liberal Democrat Group, Local Government Association (membership association for local government)
White Damian Mr Lord Northbrook Parliamentary Assistant, Andrew Rosindell MP; Councillor, London Borough of Havering
White Jennifer Miss Baroness Campbell of Surbiton Lay Council Member, National Registers of Communication Professionals working with Deaf and Deafblind People (NRCPD); Legal and editing work, Action on Hearing Loss
White Nicola Miss Baroness Kidron None
Wickstead Myles Prof Baroness Northover Visiting Professor, Open University and King's College London; Adviser, Hand in Hand International and Development Initiatives
Wilkinson Harry Mr Lord Lawson of Blaby Researcher, Global Warming Policy Foundation (educational charity)
Wilkinson Sarah Miss Lord Dholakia Policy Programme Officer, Nacro (social justice charity)
Williams Gwenda Mrs Lord Wigley Also employed as a secretary by Hywel Williams MP
Williams Isabelle Mrs Lord Browne of Ladyton None
Williams Jonathan Mr Baroness Bonham-Carter of Yarnbury Head of Mexico, Cuba and Central America Section, Foreign and Commonwealth Office
Williams Mary Rose Mrs Lord Fink Personal Assistant to the CEO (Lord Fink), ISAM Services (UK) Limited (asset management company); also employed by The Barbara and Stanley Fink Charitable Foundation, administered by the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF)
Willis Gillian Mrs Lord Lamont of Lerwick PA to Lord Astor of Hever and the Astor of Hever Trust (a charity)
Willmott Karen Miss Baroness Nicholson of Winterbourne None
Wilson Chloe Ms Baroness Jones of Moulsecoomb Self-employed Education Consultant; Area Coordinator, Optimistic Trout Productions (festival management)
Wingrove Ian Mr Baroness Jones of Moulsecoomb None
Winston Winston Mr Baroness Harris of Richmond None
Wood Keith Mr Lord Cashman President (unpaid) (formerly Executive Director), National Secular Society (non-profit organisation)
Wright David Dr The Earl of Erroll Research Executive, Digital Policy Alliance (informing policy on internet and technology)
Wright Victor Mr Lord Carrington Driver
Wyld Richard Revd The Lord Bishop of Portsmouth None
Yearley Anna Ms Lord Cashman Executive Director of Reprieve (an international human rights charity)
Young Stuart Dr Lord Boateng None
Zeegen Ronald Dr Baroness Boothroyd Self-employed Honorary Consultant Physician and Gastroenterologist (for the most part, retired)