More on the Commissioner's role and remit


The Office of the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards was set up by the House of Commons in 1995 as a result of recommendations made by the Committee on Standards in Public Life.

The Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards is appointed by a Resolution of the House of Commons for a fixed term of 5 years and is an independent officer of the House. 

The current Commissioner is Kathryn Hudson, whose tenure started on 1 January 2013.

The Committee on Standards oversees the work of the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards and publishes reports she submits to the Committee on complaints against MPs.

Links to other websites relating to parliamentary standards

  • House of Lords has its own Commissioner for Standards, who deals with the code of conduct applying to Members of the House of Lords and their staff.  The Lords also has its own Registrar, who maintains registers on the financial interests of Peers and their staff.
  • Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA) is a new statutory body responsible for administering the payment of Members' expenses and investigating alleged breaches of the rules on expenses. This Joint Statement (PDF PDF 626 KB) sets out how the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards and the Compliance Officer for IPSA will work collaboratively.
  • Committee on Standards in Public Life is an independent advisory body to the Government and monitors, reports and makes recommendations on all issues relating to standards in public life, including parliamentary standards.
  • Electoral Commission publishes information about certain financial support (eg donations and loans) received by MPs.


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