Allegations under Investigation by the Commissioner

Members who are currently the subject of an inquiry by the Commissioner are listed below, in chronological order according to when the inquiry began, together with a brief description of the nature of the allegation.

  • Rt Hon John Whittingdale MP - Registration of Interests
  • Rt Hon Sadiq Khan MP - Registration of Interests
  • Sir Kevin Barron MP - Alleged breach of paragraph 15 of the Code
  • Mr Ian Lavery MP - Registration of Interests
  • Mr Justin Tomlinson MP - Alleged misuse of information obtained in the course of parliamentary duties
  • Mr Neil Carmichael MP - Alleged breach of paragraphs 14 & 15 of the Code
  • Mr Zac Goldsmith MP - Declaration of Financial Interests
  • Ms Gisela Stuart MP - Registration of Interests
  • Mr Ian Blackford MP - Declaration of Interests

Last updated: 22 June 2016