Who does what in the Lords

'Who does what in the Lords' is a directory of Lords membership and staff, providing information on:

  • Membership A-Z, including:
    - Members who have not taken the oath or made their maiden speeches in the House
    - new Members
    - Law Lords
    - Deputy Speakers, and
    - deaths and retirements.

  • Committees A-Z, listing by:
    - type, and
    - membership.

  • International delegations and other groups

  • Party spokesmen, and

  • House of Lords officials.

Who does what in the Lords (Grey Book) (PDF PDF 323 KB)

Please note: the information in 'Who does what in The Lords' is correct as of 27 October 2016.

Further information on membership of the House of Lords is available from the MPs, Lords and Offices section of the Parliament website.