Who does what in the Lords

'Who does what in the Lords' is a directory of Lords membership and staff, providing information on:

  • Membership A-Z, including:
    - Members who have not taken the oath or made their maiden speeches in the House
    - new Members
    - Law Lords
    - Deputy Speakers, and
    - deaths and retirements.

  • Committees A-Z, listing by:
    - type, and
    - membership.

  • International delegations and other groups

  • Party spokesmen, and

  • House of Lords officials.

Who does what in the Lords (Grey Book) (PDF PDF 283 KB)

Please note: the information in 'Who does what in The Lords' is correct as of 7 July 2017.

Further information on membership of the House of Lords is available from the MPs, Lords and Offices section of the Parliament website.