Board membership

  • Ian Ailles
    Director General of the House of Commons (Chair)

  • Myfanwy Barrett
    Managing Director, Corporate Services & Finance Director

  • Carlos Bamford
    Managing Director of In-House Services

  • John Benger
    Clerk Assistant and Managing Director, Chamber and Committees

  • Lee Bridges
    Head of Communications

  • Marianne Cwynarksi
    Head of the Governance Office

  • Brian Finnimore
    Managing Director, Strategic Estates

  • Tracey Jessup
    Head of the Parliamentary Digital Service

  • Eric Hepburn
    Director of Parliamentary Security

  • David Natzler
    Clerk of the House (ex officio)

  • Patsy Richards
    Customer Service lead

  • Annette Toft
    Programme Director and Senior Responsible Officer

  • Dr Emma-Jane (Edge) Watchorn
    Director-People Programme

  • Penny Young
    Librarian, Managing Director, Information and Research and Managing Director, Public Engagement