Wednesday Morning Adjournment Debates - Westminster Hall

At sittings in Westminster Hall on Tuesdays and Wednesdays there are two one-and-a-half hour debates and three half-hour debates. The one-and-a-half hour debates are intended to be more general involving a number of MPs

Adjournment debates in Westminster Hall on Wednesday 22 October 

9:30 am    - 11:00 am Julie Elliott Voter registration
11:00 am   - 11:30 am  Stella Creasy Rights of leaseholders to insurance policy details
2:30 pm    - 4:00 pm  Richard Graham Recent events in Hong Kong and UK commitment to the Joint Declaration
4:00 pm    - 4:30 pm  Mr Ian Liddell-Grainger Environmental challenges in Somerset
4:30 pm    - 5:00 pm  Steve McCabe Development projects in Afghanistan

Adjournment debates in Westminster Hall on Tuesday 28 October and Wednesday 29 October

Applications for General or Short Debates should be made in writing to the Table Office by 7pm or the rise of House, whichever is the earlier, on TUESDAY 21 OCTOBER. The Ballot will take place on WEDNESDAY 22 OCTOBER.

Following departments to answer:

Attorney General; Business, Innovation and Skills; Cabinet Office; Deputy Prime Minister; Energy and Climate Change; Home Office; International Development; Leader of the House; Transport; Treasury; Wales; Work and Pensions