New Parliament: Strategy for the House of Commons Service 2010-15

June 2010

Our aim

Our aim is that by 2015:

  • The House of Commons will be valued as the central institution
    in our democracy: effective in holding the Government to account,
    scrutinising legislation, and representing the diverse views of the
    electorate. It will be seen both in the UK and abroad as a model of
    good practice and innovation, and will cost less money.
  • Members of Parliament will have the information, advice, support
    and technology they need to be effective in their work and to
    engage closely with their constituents.
  • The House Service will have earned the respect of Members of
    Parliament and of the public for our independence, integrity and
    professionalism, and for our commitment to making Parliament
    work ever more effectively. We will be seen as modern, efficient
    and responsive. We will feel proud to work here and confident that
    our contribution is valued.
  • We will be engaged on an agreed plan of work to ensure both that
    the Palace of Westminster is preserved for future generations and
    that Parliament has the accommodation it needs to operate in a
    modern democracy.

Our strategy

To achieve this aim:

1. We will work at every level to earn respect for the House of
Commons by:

  • having an open and transparent way of doing business
  • encouraging public participation in parliamentary business,
    including the work of select committees and the legislative
    process, developing our outreach and education services and
    making the House more welcoming to the public
  • having clear and accepted standards of behaviour for Members
    and for staff, and taking action against breaches of these
  • engaging proactively with the media to encourage full and
    accurate reporting of House matters

2. We will make the House of Commons more effective by:

  • supporting the House in implementing reforms to the way in
    which the Government is held to account and in strengthening
    the scrutiny of legislation
  • developing new ways to represent the diverse views of the
    electorate influencing decisions on constitutional reform, and being ready to respond to the outcomes

3. We will make the House Administration more efficient by:

  • cutting our costs – our first commitment is to reduce our costs
    by 9% by 2012/13, which will mean reviewing what we do and how we do it
  • supporting and learning from the experience of other
  • becoming a greener, more sustainable Parliament, on track to
    meet our agreed long-term targets for reductions in carbon
    emissions, water consumption and waste generation, and
    increases in recycling
  • doing the work required to enable decisions to be taken on the
    long-term future of the Palace of Westminster
  • making Parliament a leader in the use of IT, exploiting the
    potential of online services and reducing the volume of printing
  • speeding up administrative decision-making, simplifying our
    processes and developing effective relationships between staff,
    unions and management

4. We will ensure that Members, staff and the public are
well-informed by:

  • giving Members the support and access to the information they
    require to be effective in their role
  • making sure that staff have the skills and capability to play their
    part in helping the House innovate and develop for the future,
    and to deliver excellent service through high quality people
    development and unified leadership
  • giving the public the information needed to understand
    and appreciate the work of the House and its Members, by
    continuing to develop our information, education and outreach
    services and opening the new Education Centre at Westminster

New Parliament: Strategy for the House of Commons Service 2010-15 (PDF PDF 212 KB)

Useful information

For more information regarding the House of Commons Commission please contact:

Robert Twigger - Secretary to the Commission
Tel: 020 7219 3270

Liz Bolton - Assistant Secretary to the Commission
Tel: 020 7219 6394

Ronnie Jefferson - PA to Secretary to the Commission
Tel: 020 7219 3299


View the Governance structure of the Commons administration (PDF PDF 278 KB)