Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is responsible for the management of the services provided by the Departments of the House of Commons

The Executive Committee was established in its new form by the House of Commons Commission on 25 April 2016. Its terms of reference are as follows:

  1. The Executive Committee acts as a sub-committee of the Commission and is accountable to it.
  2. Its membership is the Clerk, the Director General (chair) and the Managing Director of Corporate Services in her/his role as Finance Director.
  3. Its responsibilities are:

    • To be accountable to the Commission for the delivery of the strategy for the House of Commons Administration
    • To support the Board in the development of strategies
    • To hold the Board to account for delivery of and performance against the strategy
    • To provide assurance and hold the Board to account on risk.
    • To support the Corporate Officer and Accounting Officer in meeting his/her statutory duties.
    • To fulfil the responsibilities delegated to it by the House of Commons Commission, as set out in the instrument of delegation.

  4. It has a general duty to support the Clerk in the exercise of his/her responsibilities as Head of the House of Commons Service, and to support the Director General in the exercise of his/her responsibilities.

It may where appropriate invite others to attend, for example the Head of Digital Services or the Clerk of the Parliaments. In particular Digital Services, as a joint department, will need to have a relationship at Executive Committee for strategy, at Board for operations and at day-to-day as a partner in change and business as usual.

Instrument of Delegation

Power is delegated from the House of Commons Commission to the Executive Committee through the Instrument of Delegation.