About the House of Commons Enquiry Service

Our office was originally set up in 1978 so we have a lot of experience in answering questions and helping to explain the work and role of the House of Commons to the public.

  • Who is my MP?
  • How can I get this raised in the House of Commons?
  • What will happen next with this Bill?
  • How can I find a speech that was made in the Commons in the 19th Century?
  • What can I bring when I visit?

Enquiries put to the office are wide-ranging and almost any aspect of the current work of the House of Commons, its committees, its membership, practices or traditions can be dealt with.

However, please note that:

  • we cannot offer legal advice or interpretation of legislation
  • we do not have the resources to undertake lengthy research
  • we cannot comment or advise on government policy – you should contact the government department responsible for that policy directly. See the GOV.UK website for a full list of departments and contact details
  • we cannot pass on messages to Members of Parliament. Please use the contact details for MPs provided on our website to contact MPs directly.

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