Environment and energy

Energy and environmental issues are never off the agenda in Parliament and this section provides analysis of issues such as energy infrastructure, energy security, climate change and agricultural innovations.

Persistent Toxic Substances

A range of toxic chemicals have become widely distributed throughout the environment as a result of their properties that resist degradation

Adapting to Sea Level Rise (update)

The UK will see impacts of sea level rise by 2020 and beyond, even if the 2°C warming target is met by 2100.

Environmentally Sustainable Agriculture

Intensification of agricultural practices and yields in the UK comes with environmental impacts. Sustainability and resilience will be key, especially in new policies.

Benefits of Earth Observation

This POSTnote will discuss the current uses and applications of Earth observation data and the implications of proposed reductions in funding for earth focussed science programmes.

Risk Assessment of Nanoparticles

This POSTnote will set out the evidence regarding environmental and health impacts of engineered nanoparticles, and the current regulatory approaches towards risk assessment and their associated challenges.

Meet the advisers

Jonathan Wentworth

Jonathan Wentworth

Jonny has a background in plant ecology with a PhD in plant ecological genetics. He worked as a civil servant in MAFF and Defra before joining POST.