Contacting POST

Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology
Houses of Parliament

Telephone: +44 (0) 20 7219 2840
Fax: +44 (0) 20 7219 2849
Email: [email protected]


Dr Chandrika Nath x2848

Chris Tyler is on parental leave.

Scientific Advisers

Dr Peter Border (Biology and Health) x2876
Dr Sarah Bunn (Biology and Health) x1860
Dr Lydia Harriss (Physical Sciences and ICT) x8380
Harry Beeson (Physical Sciences and ICT) x3891
Dr Jonny Wentworth (Environment and Energy) x2161
Dr Aaron Goater (Environment and Energy) x1159
Dr Abbi Hobbs(Social Sciences) x2841
Dr Caroline Kenny (Social Sciences) x0743

Office Administrators

Yasmin McNeil (Team Manager) x2840
Naomi Stewart (Science Communications Manager) x8377

Media Information

POST's scientific advisers are happy to provide background information to the media on any of our research topics. Members of the media are welcome to attend POST events and set up interviews with speakers where possible. We can also assist the media in obtaining quotes from and setting up interviews with members of the POST Board.

Meet the Director

  • Chandy Nath

    Chandrika Nath worked at the British Antarctic Survey before joining POST, and has a PhD in high energy physics from Oxford University.

Meet the admin team

  • image of Naomi Stewart

    Naomi Stewart

    Naomi has a masters in science communication from Imperial College London. She joined POST in 2016 and manages our publications and events.

  • Yasmin McNeil

    Yasmin McNeil

    Yasmin McNeil is POST's Team Manager.