Physical sciences and ICT

This section looks at developments in the physical sciences and their implications for policymakers, focusing on topics related to information communications technology, defence and security. Advisers in this section have recently looked at issues such as the darknet, broadband infrastructure and big data.

Fire Safety of Building Materials

This POSTnote will look at fire safety of building materials in the UK.

Distributed Ledger Technology

This POSTbrief will provide a technical overview of how DLT works. It will also highlight the potential applications of DLT beyond the finance sector, and discuss some of the challenges associated with its use.


This POSTnote will give an overview of biometric technologies, including applications, the legislation and regulation governing their use, and the key challenges that they raise for policy makers.

Meet the advisers

Image of Lorna Christie

Lorna Christie

Lorna recently completed her PhD in inorganic chemistry at the University of Glasgow. She re-joined POST in January 2018 as a Physical Sciences Adviser, having completed an EPSRC funded fellowship with POST in 2015.

Lydia Harriss

Lydia has a doctorate in biophysics from the University of Oxford. Before joining POST she worked as a Graduate Trainee for the Wellcome Trust, which included taking on diverse roles across communications, education, Wellcome Collection (exhibitions and events) and investments.