Horizon Scanning

POST identifies trends in science, technology, society and policy, and analyses their implications for Parliament.

At the beginning of each of the last three parliaments POST has produced a ‘Science in the New Parliament’ publication that sets out the main science and technology issues likely to be of parliamentary interest over the five year term.

In 2014 POST has undertaken research which has led to the drafting of a ‘Register of Trends and Disruptors’. It is only in draft format at present, but there is already interest in its use beyond POST, in other parliamentary offices and national parliaments.

POST will continuing to develop its horizon scanning capabilities, including consideration of what approaches are most relevant to Parliament and of most interest to Parliamentarians. This will include annual presentations from the Government’s Horizon Scanning Centre and other futures organisations to the POST Board and invited parliamentarians.

Related information

POST developed a set of 'trends cards' to be used as a foresight tool. These cards examine the way the world and society is changing.