Biological sciences and health

The biological science and health section covers wide ranging topics touching on aspects of diseases, medicine and drugs.

Regulating Advanced Therapies

A POSTnote examining the regulatory options for the UK of advanced therapies after Brexit.

New Models for Children and Young People’s (CYP) Mental Health Services

A POSTnote examining the provision of mental health services for children

Researching Gambling

A POSTnote examining gambling research, and its role in policy making.

Causes of Obesity

A POSTnote explaining contributory factors that lead to overweight and obesity

Clinical Trials Regulation in the UK

A POSTnote describing the new EU Clinical Trial Regulation that is due to come into force in late 2018

Meet the advisers

Peter Border

Peter Border

Pete has a PhD in biochemistry. Before joining POST he worked in the agri/biotech sector and as a freelance writer.

Sarah Bunn

Sarah has a PhD in neuroscience from Imperial College London. Before joining POST she worked as a scientific adviser at the Department for Work and Pensions and as a research scientist for Novartis pharmaceuticals.