The Future of Natural Gas

16 Jul 2015, 8:30 - 10:00

Meeting Room N, Portcullis House

Tel: 020 7219 8377

Policy surrounding natural gas affects tax revenues, energy security, energy prices and efforts to mitigate climate change. With production of natural gas from the North Sea falling and policy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions developing, there is debate about the size of the role natural gas will play in the energy sector over the coming decades, where the supply will come from and the possibility of stranded assets.

Upcoming parliamentary debate is likely to cover the Government’s 2016 review of whether to set a power sector decarbonisation target for 2030 and the upcoming Energy Bill is set to transfer the Oil and Gas Authority further regulatory powers.

This roundtable briefing will bring together Parliamentarians and senior representatives from business, government and academia to discuss the future of natural gas and related issues.

The discussion will be chaired by Lord Oxburgh.


8:30 Chair’s introduction

8:40 Future production and supply

  • Conventional gas and imports: Peter Mather, Vice President Europe and Head of UK, BP
  • Shale gas: Francis Egan, CEO, Cuadrilla
  • Global carbon budgets: Ben Caldecott, Director of Stranded Assets Programme, Oxford University

8:50 Discussion

9:15 UK gas use

  • Overview: Prof Jim Watson, Research Director, UK Energy Research Centre
  • Electricity and CCS: Amy Clemitshaw, Head of Fossil Fuel and CCS Policy, Department of Energy and Climate Change
  • Heat and transport: Jo Coleman, Strategy Development Director, Energy Technologies Institute
  • Non-energy industries: Mark Lewis, Low Carbon Economy Manager, Tees Valley Unlimited
  • Gas distribution network: Dr Paul Dodds, Lecturer, University College London

9:25 Discussion

9:50 Closing remarks

10:00 End

If you are an MP, Peer or a member of their staff wishing to attend please email or telephone 020 7219 8377 by Friday 10 July. Please advise us of any particular requirements you may have, or of anything we can do to make this event accessible to you.