POST Board

The POST Board oversees POST's objectives, outputs and future work programme. It meets quarterly.

The Board comprises:

  • 14 parliamentarians drawn from the House of Commons (10) and the House of Lords (4), roughly reflecting the balance of parties in Parliament.
  • Leading non-parliamentarians from the science and technology community.
  • Representatives of the House of Lords and the Department of Information Services of the House of Commons.


House of Lords

House of Commons 

MPs have not yet been selected.



  • Dr Chris Tyler, Director, Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology
  • John Benger, (Acting) Head of Department of Information Services, House of Commons
  • Duncan Sagar, Clerk of Select Committees, House of Lords
  • Sarah Hartwell-Naguib, Head of Science and Environment Section, House of Commons Library

Meet the Vice-chair

  • Lord Winston Professor the Lord Winston

    Lord Winston has been a member of the House of Lords since 1995. He joined the POST Board in 1998 and has been Vice-chair since 2006.