What parliamentarians say about POST

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“I was thrilled to take up the post of Chairman of the Parliamentary Office of Science & Technology and I’d like to thank board members, advisers, staff and fellows for the invaluable work that they do.  POST is the bright light of science in Parliament and is, rightly, world-renowned for the central role it plays in informing democratic debate.  I am particularly proud of POST’s highly-skilled staff and fellows, who provide a first-class service to parliamentarians but I am equally impressed by the level of commitment and expertise on the POST Board.  The resolve to ensure impartiality is at the heart of what we do.  It enables parliamentarians of all political persuasions to receive considered and objective analysis of the key science and technology issues affecting public policy.” 

Adam Afriyie MP is Chairman of the Parliamentary Office of Science & Technology (POST).  He was Shadow Minister for Science and Innovation from 2007-2010.  Prior to becoming an MP in 2005, Mr Afriyie was a successful entrepreneur in the information services and technology sector.

“The Parliamentary Office of Science & Technology should be the first port of call for parliamentarians’ staff when it comes to researching science and technology issues.  POST’s value lies in the concise and accessible nature of its POSTnotes.  The impartial and lucid analysis is an invaluable resource in preparing briefings and speeches.” James Coady - Researcher to Adam Afriyie MP.

Evaluation of POST Services

The POST Evaluation Survey (PDF PDF 624 KB), conducted in 2009, summarised a series of 52 interviews with UK parliamentarians exploring their views on the importance of science and technology to parliamentarians and investigating their use of POST services.