Aims and Objectives


To contribute to a greater understanding of the principles and structures of governance.


To brief delegates and create opportunities for discussion on:

1. Principles of Good Governance
1.1 Accountability & Transparency
1.2 Trust & Legitimacy
1.3 Engagement & Representation

2. International Governance and Organisations
2.1 United Nations
2.2 The Commonwealth
2.3 Case Study: International Development Institutions

3. Supranational Governance and relations
3.1 Models of Supranational Governance
3.2 Case Study: The European Union

4. National Governance
4.1 Parliamentary Systems in Commonwealth Contexts
4.2 The Role of Parliament in the Scrutiny of the Executive
4.3 Parliamentary Committees
4.4 The Role of the Opposition
4.5 Case Study: The UK Parliament at Westminster

5. Devolved Governance
5.1 Implementation of National Policy at Devolved level
5.2 Devolved Governance Structures
5.3 Case Study: The National Assembly for Wales

6. Local Government
6.1 Implementation of National Policy at local level
6.2 Provision of Local Services
6.3 Case Study: A City Council