Aim and Objectives


To learn about the Whips’ system in the House of Commons.  


1. Explore how the Whips in the House of Commons operate:
1.1. Organisation.
1.2. Responsibilities.
1.3. Relationship with the House administration.
1.4. Relationships with and responsibilities for Members.

2. Learn more about how the House of Commons operates:
2.1 Scrutiny – holding the Executive to account.
2.2 The Committee system.
2.3 The structure of Parliament’s annual programme
2.4 The oversight of taxation and spend.
2.5 The administration of the House, including the Commission and its supporting Committees.
2.6 The relationship with the House of Lords.

3. Learn about the work of an MP, including the support available:
3.1. In Parliament.
3.2. In the Constituency.

4. Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA).

5. Witness the House of Commons in action, including PMQs, debates, Committees.

6. Learn about the nascent Commonwealth Whips’ Network.

7. Look at broader policy areas, such as how the Westminster Parliament deals with achieving the MDGs.

8. Visit CPA Headquarters.