Aim and Objectives


 To enable Westminster Parliamentarians to understand better the challenges faced by their Sri Lankan colleagues.


A supporting and interlocking set of objectives, to:

1. Understand better the workings of the National Parliament of Sri Lanka through exchanges with Sri Lankan colleagues, on the;
1.01 Working relationships between parties in Parliament
1.02 Role of the Speaker
1.03 Role of the Whips
1.04 Role of the Secretariat for Coordinating the Peace Process; how are Parliamentarians helping to win the peace?
1.05 The relationship between Parliament and the media
1.06 The relationship between Parliamentarians and Civil Society Organisations
1.07 Work of Chamber of Commerce and  Public Accounts Committee
1.08 Procedural and Legislative processes
1.09 Challenges for new Parliamentarians

2. Learn more about poverty reduction strategies in Sri Lanka with special focus on;
2.01 Education and literacy rates
2.02 Microfinance and the empowerment of women
2.03 Health and sanitation programmes to tackle diseases such as HIV/AIDS, Malaria, Tuberculosis and Dysentery
2.04 Climate Change

3.Gain a better insight in to the impacts of post-conflict peacebuilding in Sri Lanka through briefings on;
 3.01 Winning the peace
 3.02 Resettlement and rebuilding communities
 3.03 Violence against women and children
 3.04 The introduction of conflict-prevention related legislation
 3.05 International aid programmes with emphasis on those implemented by DfID & EU
 3.06 The role of the Chamber of Commerce

4. Visits to work and projects:  As part of meeting objectives 2 and 3.
4.01 IDP Camps & Resettled Communities
4.02 Rebuilding & Community Links in Jaffna, Batticola and Trincomalee
4.03 Clothing Factories in Colombo
4.04 British Council, including schools links programmes

5. Additional Visit:  Commonwealth War Grave Cemetery