Outward delegations

CPA UK's annual  inter-parliamentary outreach programme includes a mix of formal outward delegations of members and smaller informal delegations of members and officials to Commonwealth legislatures and international conferences

Recent activities

Programme for Westminster Members in Hong Kong

From 18-20 February 2014, a delegation of Members from Westminster undertook a three-day programme with colleagues from the Legislative Council of the Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong.

Trilateral programme for Afghan, Pakistani and British women MPs

Lord Speaker led a delegation of women Members to Pakistan for a trilateral programme also involving Members of the Afghan Parliament.

Third CPA UK programme in India

CPA UK coordinated the visit of a delegation of UK Members led by Rt Hon. Liam Byrne MP to India during the week 17-22 February.

CPA UK programme in Sri Lanka

From 21-26 July 2013, a cross-party delegation of six UK Members and peers, led by Eleanor Laing MP, visited Sri Lanka to engage and build links with Sri Lankan colleagues.

Visit of UK Members to the Parliament of India

From 1-7 April 2013, a cross-party delegation of eight UK Members and Peers, led by Alun Cairns MP, visited colleagues in the Houses of Parliament of India.

UK delegation of women Members visits Pakistan

A delegation of women Members led by the Rt Hon. Baroness D’Souza CMG, Lord Speaker, took part in a three-day workshop with Pakistani parliamentary colleagues in Islamabad 18-20 February 2013.

CPA UK delegation to Papua New Guinea

From 18-24 February, a delegation of four UK Members visited the Parliament of Papua New Guinea in a programme designed to enable them to understand better the challenges faced by their Papua New Guinean colleagues, and to strengthen the bilateral relationship between the UK and PNG.

CPA UK delegation to the 58th CPC

CPA UK sent a delegation of ten members and peers to the 58th Commonwealth Parliament-ary Conference, the annual meeting of the CPA, which this year was hosted by the Parliament of Sri Lanka 8-14 September.

Post-election training seminar in Guyana

CPA UK partnered with UNDP and CPA Canada to send a team of 5 speakers to Guyana to conduct a post-election training seminar for over 55 newly-elected members of the Parliament of Guyana, 20-22 May 2012.

CPA UK Delegation visits Canadian Parliament and provincial legislatures

From 22-27 April 2012 a cross-party delegation of four MPs and one peer undertook a parliamentary diplomacy programme in Canada with the aim of better understanding the issues faced by their Canadian federal and provincial colleagues.

In-country programme for Sierra Leone parliamentary staff

Working in partnership with the House of Commons Overseas Office and Voluntary Services Overseas (VSO), CPA UK ran an in-country training programme for over 20 staff of the Parliament of Sierra Leone 12-13 April 2012.

UK Members mark Commonwealth Day in Brunei

From 12-15 March 2012, Baroness Hooper and Tom Greatrex MP were invited by BHC Bandar Seri Begawan through CPA UK to visit Brunei to mark the Diamond Jubilee Commonwealth Day.

In-country Seminar for Kenya Women Parliamentary Association

From 27-29 January 2012 three UK women Members participated in a three-day seminar in Naivasha, Kenya with members of the Kenya Women Parliamentary Association (KEWOPA).

Deputy Speaker visits Parliament of Botswana

Following the inward delegation from Botwsana, the partnership between parliaments continued with an invitation to send a representative to address the Botswana Parliament’s workshop on Separation of Powers, held from 27-29 June in Gaborone.

Delegation to New Zealand

From 20-26 February 2011 the Parliament of New Zealand hosted a UK delegation of Members of Parliament and Lords.

UK Delegation Shares Devolution Expertise with the Parliament of Pakistan

From 23-28 January 2011, CPA UK facilitated the visit of a cross-party delegation of MPs and Lords to Pakistan with a view to set in place a framework for further MP2MP dialogue, including parliamentary strengthening and capacity-building assistance programmes with the country’s Provincial and National Assemblies.

Parliament of Sri Lanka

From 16-23 October 2010 a delegation of three Peers and six MPs visited Sri Lanka to meet with  parliamentarians, civil society organisations, and community and business leaders.

Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference 2010

From 10-10 September a CPA UK delegation of  UK parliamentarians attended the CPA’s 56th Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference (CPC) in Nairobi, Kenya. The conference brought together over 800 parliamentarians and parliamentary officials from 175 Commonwealth legislatures.

Delegation from the Parliament of Botswana

From 1-6 August 2010 CPA UK worked in partnership with the Botswana Parliament and the British High Commission in Gaborone to put together a focused programme that addressed the needs of Batswana Parliamentarians.

Parliament of Bangladesh 

From 13-20 February a UK delegation of nine parliamentarians visited the Parliament of Bangladesh to better understand  the challenges faced by their Bangladeshi colleagues. 

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