Aim and Objectives


To enable Rwandan parliamentarians to gain a better understanding of parliamentary democracy in the UK.


1. Understand more of the working of the UK Parliament from briefings and exchanges with UK parliamentary colleagues, about:

  • The role of the Speaker of the House of Commons and the Speaker of the House of Lords, and the role of each chamber
  • The work of parliamentary committees
  • The UK Parliament and the media (including new media and technologies and wider discussions about the media in the UK)
  • Ethnic, gender and youth representation in Parliament
  • The role of Parliament and parliamentarians in tackling climate change
  • The role of Parliament in promoting sustainable peace, security and development
  • The role of Parliament in considering human rights issues

2. Visit a Westminster MP’s constituency to observe life in the UK beyond Westminster.

3. Shadow a Westminster MP in Parliament.

4. Brief about the UK justice system, including the Supreme Court and community-based restorative justice initiatives (in Northern Ireland).

5. Visit Northern Ireland to see cross community initiatives first hand and exchange experiences of peace building with parliamentary colleagues.

6. Visit the Commonwealth Secretariat to discuss Rwanda’s role as a new member of the Commonwealth.