Monday 11 October

1000 Arrive at Westminster

1030 The Powers and Workings of the Board of Internal Economy, Mr Dorian Gerhold (Secretary to the House of Commons Commission and Finance and Services Committee)

1130 Coffee with winners from the Royal Commonwealth Society international creative competitions for young people in writing, film and photography

1200 Action seeking to bring Parliament and Members closer to citizens, Ms Clare Cowan (Parliamentary Outreach Manager, Department of Information Services)

1500 Working conditions of Members and disclosure of their expenses, Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA), Mr John Sills (Director of Policy, IPSA) and Mr Tony Lord (Head of Policy, IPSA)

Tuesday 12 October

0945 Arrive at Westminster

1000 The Speaker’s relationship with the Whips, Rt Hon. John Bercow MP (Speaker of the House of Commons)

1100 The Parliamentary Website and Intranet and online services for Members, Ms Tracy Green (Head of Online Services, Department of Information Services)

1200 Attend Speaker’s Briefing: Speaker Yvon Vallieres, Mr Pierre Moreau, Ms Nicole Leger, Mr Michel Bonsaint

1300 The Role of the Whips, Government Deputy Chief Whip (Rt Hon. John Randall MP), Opposition Deputy Chief Whip (Rt Hon. John Spellar MP)

1400 Visit the parliamentary office of Mr Andrew Rosindell MP

1430 View proceedings of the House of Commons and House of Lords