Hon. Speaker Scheer of the Canadian House of Commons meets UK parliamentarians

On 22 February 2012, CPA UK held an open forum for the Speaker of the Canadian House of Commons, Hon. Andrew Scheer MP, to meet with UK colleagues. 

The forum was well-attended, and the dialogue covered a wide range of issues of interest. Of particular interest to those attending were recent developments in the Parliament of Canada, many of which Speaker Scheer felt were caused by the intake of new, younger MPs at the last election. Changes discussed included increased focus in the way parliamentary business was carried out in the Chamber.

Speaker Scheer and his deputies were also called on to talk about the relationship between the UK and Canada, Canada's response to international climate change, trade and industry, and involving young people in politics.

Also attending the forum was a delegation of Malaysian MPs, who were in the UK for a programme at electoral reform. They were able to question Speaker Scheer and his deputies on procedural issues and on the electoral system in Canada.

The forum took place as part of a wider programme in the UK Parliament, which Speaker Scheer visited in order to meet and exchange views with his Westminster counterpart, House of Commons Speaker Rt Hon. John Bercow MP, and other colleagues in the UK.

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