International Parliamentary Conference on the MDGs Speaker Presentations

Presentations given by speakers at sessions at the International Parliamentary Conference on the MDGs are available to download here:

Opening Plenary: 'Reaching for 2015: An Agenda for Parliamentarians'

MDGs and the Law: Creating Enabling Legislative Environments

Human Rights and the MDGs: From Goals to Rights

MDG 4 and 5: Keeping the Promise on Women's and Children's Health

Following the Money: Strengthening Parliaments' Role in Financial Accountability and Development

The MDGs in Parliament: Watchdogs for Development

Partnership with the Private Sector

Sustainable Development

Famine in the Horn of Africa: A Wakeup Call for MDG1

Working with Civil Society: Toward 2015 and Beyond

Women and Girls

Ethnic Minorities and Indigenous People

Migration, Diaspora and the MDGs

Closing Plenary: Reaching Out: Parliamentarians as Advocates for Global Development